Girls in villages are still bereft of the freedom to education or expression and some who may have the keen desire to pursue their dreams don’t have the appropriate access to faculty and quality education.

Some people are gifted with opportunities and facilities in abundance whereas some have to fight their own tug of war and chase what they dream of, and in such situations educational institutes like AKAL ACADEMY works as benediction for them.

AKAL ACADEMY, BARU SAHIB is one such institution which gives fire to the scintilla of their dreams. One of such fortunate child is this girl named Amanpreet Kaur, coming from a very small place with the sole hope of earning a sufficient living for her family, by working in public health.

Amanpreet Kaur was born and brought up in a small district of Taran Taran, aspirations in her eyes but alas, pulled down and drowned by financial barriers. But somehow with her strong desire to study she kept the fire of her ambitions ignited and joined Eternal University, Baru Sahib where she experienced the most magnificent time of her life.

She says “I have never experienced such peaceful blend of spiritual and academic knowledge. I got awakened by the divine inspiration I got from Baru Sahib”

After completing her masters in Public Health from Eternal University, Baru Sahib she transformed into a better person with her knowledge touching the sky but being grounded by holding her roots to spirituality and simplicity. These values became the ethics of her life.

She further quoted that she got truly inspired by the sayings of Baba Iqbal Singh ji – “Work is Worship”. She made these words the agenda of her life and followed the unconditional serene path told by Baba ji at Baru Sahib. Now Amanpreet Kaur is working at a government hospital in Jalandhar and earning a handsome amount of money to support her family. She is still thankful to Baru Sahib for changing her life and helping in accomplishing her goals.

‘Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil’

~Gursanjam Kaur, New Delhi