We all have heard that faith moves mountains and here is a living example of that in Sapinder Singh, an ex-student of Akal Academy, Baru Sahib. Sapinder Singh, an embodiment of confidence, integrity and ethical values is a beacon-light for all of us proving beyond any doubt that faith is one’s sheet anchor in life.

His inspiring story – Sapinder Singh, a weightlifter was to compete in in 69-77 Kg category. He weighed 76.9 Kg in 69-77 Kg category. However, he insisted to keep on his Gatra & Kirpan, a symbol of the Sikh Faith, weighing 200 gms.
This brought his weight to 77.1 Kg, technically outside the limit of 69-77 Kg category.
He was advised the option of removing his Kirpan so as to fit into the lower category of 69-77 Kg, wherein the chances of his success were certain.

But Sapinder had other thoughts. His core ethical values made him believe beyond doubt that Kirpan was an essential and inseparable part of his body and that he genuinely weighed at 77.1 Kg alongwith his Kirpan, which was his body Ang .

Sapinder Singh’s choice certainly placed him in higher category of 77-84 Kg, where the competition was tough and seemingly insurmountable.

His faith remained firm and unshaken and he preferred to move to a higher category risking his chances of winning a medal. However, the providence had a pleasant surprise in store for him when Sapinder won the Gold medal and established a state record, which is yet to be broken.

Sapinder made a responsible choice by not removing his Kirpan, and preserving his identity as a baptized Sikh.

By doing so, Sapinder Singh set an example for millions of Sikh youth and proved in his unique manner that honoring one’s faith is a matter of fortitude, something uncommon and mortals, inspiring us all the way as we feel proud of him.

Dhan Sikhi! Dhan Khalsa!

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