Amidst this background of modern day world where youth is on the verge of depleting moral values, Khushkaran Singh, student of Akal Academy, Jand Sahib made his father quit alcohol & meat and helped him re-establishing his faith in the Akal Purakh.

Akal Academies are relentlessly working towards rescuing the youth of Punjab from the swamp of Drug and Alcohol addiction through the means of Value based Education.

With values of Sikhi deep ingrained in him, he used to daily performed his prayer rituals of Nitnem and Ardaas.

As a student of Akal Academy, he was taught that intake of alcohol is bad. The young boy was impressionable & had roots of Sikhi strong.

He was explained what could be the after effects of the same, from which he was able to gather that he should not let his father drink.

The spirit within him pushed him more and more to do the needful.

One good day he decided to speak to his father about the same. As expected his father not only refused but rebuked him. But he didn’t give up; he kept on insisting him to quit drinking.

His consistent effort and optimistic approach started to reap fruits. His patience showed results since he persisted with his embargo. Pining for the embrace of his child, his father was convinced to leave his deadly habit.

Not only this but both father and son duo took baptism “amrit chakna”, the formal initiation to Sikhism. This single deed helps one give up negative acts like alcohol intake, establish a routine of good life and offer prayers to the almighty.

His father was a changed man. His family feels proud of having a son like him who touched lives with his upbringing.

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Get up, it’s the time now, learn from Khushkaran Singh, the art of making impossible possible.

~ Tapasleen Kaur