The land of five rivers-Panj(5) & Aab(water)- now has one more river on its land but that’s nothing to be cheerful for. This sixth overflowing river is of Drugs that is flooding the entire generation. And it has left no one untouched.

The scenario in Punjab is worsening at such a rapid rate, that experts have already begun to put an expiry date to the state. It is astonishing how widespread the problem is. One estimate says that more than two-third of Punjab’s households has at least one addict in the family.

In the village of Kanaur near district Sangrur, there lived a boy Mehakdeep Singh who seemed to be a blessing to his family.
Mehak studied at Akal Academy Fatehgarh Channa. His lifestyle was totally inspired by the ideal Sikh way of life, all efforts were made to nurture the talents of this blooming child. He was ingrained with values of Sikhi and used to daily perform his Nitnem routine.

Apparently this very happy family had a gloomy side to it. His father’s uncle had a bad addiction of consuming alcohol and drugs. It was a lurking problem which had many adverse social, psychological & financial consequences.

Mehak couldn’t bear the horrific sight of his drunkard uncle. So, gathering a lot of courage one day he decided to speak to him. His Uncle didn’t pay much attention to him at first. But, the child had the blessings of ‘Akal Purakh’ as he questioned him repeatedly. His Uncle had no answers.

After a lot of such conversations, his uncle started wondering how much the kid loved him and was actually trying his best to save him. Within six months, the addiction of alcohol was vanished. And his uncle got baptised .

These words were spoken by his uncle praising Mehak’s undaunting spirit of saving him.

“ Mehak is a hero. He is the one teaching me positivity at such a young age. Leaving alcohol was never even in my dreams, I always thought it could never quit this addiction. But, then like an angel he came and changed my life. I thank Baba ji to have established this organization which creates heroes and they influence others. Today whole my family is baptised.