This is an inspiring story of a child who proved that mental strength is one of the best thing you should possess to achieve any goal.

Satinderpal Singh was born in a village named Kumarpur, district Pillibit in U.P. His birth was a blissful moment for his parents. His medical report were nothing less than a nightmare in their life.

The child had a Neural Tube (Tumor) near his Spinal cord. And his parents were shocked when they came to know about it. But who know a time would surely come when this child would turn into a hero.

Education is the most important criteria for a child to begin his life. His father had heard about the branch of Akal Academy, Baru Sahib nearby their district. And he decided to send him there.

Soon he was brought to Akal Academy Gomti. Initially he found it very different than his normal way of life. As, time passed on he realized the power of spirituality and peace of mind.

In his 5th Grade he decided to get baptised which itself was a blessing to transform his life.

When he was in 10th standard he decided to set his business abroad and started working on that track.

But god had designed something else for him, due to health problem he couldn’t go abroad. This phase pushed his spirit down.

But, the unique thing which made him a hero was he never gave up. The next thought in his mind was if he could not settle abroad he would do so in his own country. Deciding this Satinder went to Mahatma Jyoiba Phulle University in U.P to pursue his B.Com. This mental strength pushed him forward and increased his will to achieve his goal.

Today, Satinderpal Singh is in his final year of his B.Com and is on the way to enter the banking sector.

His father recalls : He was shattered at the time when his problem created an obstacle in his career. But, He did it. I am proud to have him as my son. And thanks to the Akal Academy from the depth of the heart.

Quitting in life is a symbol of Losers. And Committing is the symbol of winners.’