To achieve some desired goals of life there are moments of failure, happiness and lessons. The real part lies whether you take the lesson negative or positively. Well, if you choose the second way you will fall but not fail and get up strong.

Simple Kaur, belonged to a small family lives in Bowayan. , U.P. Her father who had a small scale spare parts business wanted to see her daughter achieve heights.

She was sent to Cambridge Government School during her childhood. She was interested in deep understanding of the concepts and would often go back home shuffling her homework of various subjects. As time passed on she jumped to class tenth, finally passing out the high school with a good percentage.

Her family was much concerned about her future and with a fresh thought she was sent to Akal Academy ,Baru Sahib.

Life took a completely new turn as the atmosphere was totally different from her home town. And perhaps it was difficult to adapt. Her mind was lost in the spiritual environment and a divine change in her perspective was on track. Studies was something which made her happy. She had a vast interest in Biology and wanted to excel in this field.

The time to step in the world of competition had come. She passed out her 12th from the academy and was now ready to take her step forward in its specialization. She went to Lakshmibai Institute of Dental Science and hospital. She enjoyed her field and did work hard to achieve the desired destiny.

Today, Simple Kaur has completed her graduation and is placed in Internship from the college. In simple words she is just a step away to become a dentist.

‘ Believing is something which makes you start and that is called a dream. Achieving is something which makes you proud and that is called success.’