Today is a special day for me; my day of promotion at my current job at ‘Accenture-Gurgaon’, after completing my first year of service as a ‘Software Developer’ today. Perhaps the reason I decided to pen down this letter of regard & honor to my University – Eternal University Baru Sahib.In the previous months I have been reading about Akal Academies & their alumni; though I didn’t get a chance to be at one of the Academies but I could well relate my experience at the Eternal University Baru Sahib with that of the Academy Alumnus.

I originally belong to Rohtak & passed out from Akal College of Engg. & Tech. under Eternal University in July 2012. The experience of being there, the blissful life and the time spent there. Never in my life I have had such an experience of living, the way I had at Baru Sahib. Besides polishing my software development skills I learned a lot about life from Baru Sahib – I learnt about human values & the core of spiritualism; it was at Baru Sahib that I got Baptized into Sikhism by taking up ‘Amrit’, I could feel the positive vibes all around and inside myself. The serene environment & the spirituality provide great help on the academic front, which is backed by an excellent faculty which leads by example.I am indebted to each person there, the Teachers, the Principal, the staff members, who gave me all that I possess now alongside an unparallel motivation that will continue to propel my life & career till the end of time. On the career front, the experience began right from University – we were given guidance to ourselves coordinate with the companies to arrange for campus placements, I remember how great it felt to visit companies like HCL to align placement programs. Luckily, I myself got picked up by ‘Pyramid Consulting’ alongside 5 others right after we completed our software engineering.

About my parents – My Dad works as a cashier at Canara Bank & my mother was an Ex-Supervisor at PGIMS, Rohtak; she passed away last year – it was a difficult time for me, especially to handle things at both personal & professional end at the same time, but through courage & strength I received from Baru Sahib, in the form of ‘Amrit’, I was able to put myself together bounce back.

In the society, I feel the spiritual & human-values element is missing from Education & Medics; I realized this especially when I saw the medics at the hospital while my mother was under treatment; I realized the relevance of Human values & spiritual element through this entire episode in my life. I am hopeful that in the coming times more organizations will start following education module similar to the Kalgidhar Trust & its Academies to fulfill the gap of Human Values & Spirituality which lack in our societies in the prevailing times.

About my Career – In the upcoming times, after gaining the required experience, I plan to start my own software company. Before & alongside my job I have done several freelance projects as a developer in Java & PHP language.

My messages to fellow students – whatever you do in life, do it with patience and full confidence; always remember to be yourself.

~Jaspreet Singh Gulati