Satbeer Singh is a resident of village Karbojh, district Phillibit, U.P. He was born and brought up in a farmer’s family who had dreamt of a great future for his son. The financial conditions at home were critical.But hard working farmer did his best to give his child the life long gift for good Education.

Satbeer was brought to Akal Academy Gomti in U.K.G. The age in which one hardly understands the world. But the decision to send him there was probably the best his parents could do to make him stand on his feet and face the world.

Satbeer was in an atmosphere of divinity, where he learnt the the real meaning of life. The spiritual values were imbibed deep in his young impressionable mind and he was well equipped to face the challenges life throws at him.

Like every other child, he too possessed some talents. Satbeer was a good cricket player and his interest for cricket in the academy developed further as he aged. There was no doubt that his passion would have pushed him direct to the ladder of success, had he given a right opportunity.

But, the only thing restricted him was the financial condition at home. That was the moment he realized he had to change his path.

So, to get back on to the correct track he decided to pursue his IELTS and settle his career abroad. He worked hard for his preparation.

His finally got his VISA for New Zealand. Now was his chance to turn his dreams to reality.

He decided to pursue his diploma in business. He studied financial market in terms of business. Overall experience added on to his educational profile.

Today, the blessed chap has completed his study and is all set to open his own business venture.

The family of the student is today feels proud of their son.

‘Living in reality matters much more than dreams, Satbeer’s dream of being a cricketer had shattered but he never gave up.‘

That’s what makes him a true hero.