I would like to start my introduction with lots of love to everyone connected to Baru Sahib…I am Gaurav Pandey, an alumni of Akal College of Engineering & Technology, Batch 2012, currently working as a Business Development Executive with a Mohali Based company named “Smart Data” ever since after completion of my B.Tech in Computer Science from the Eternal University, Baru Sahib.

Being a person belonging to a simple family of Varanasi, my experience with Baru Sahib has been extraordinary & incredibly transformative; my father works as a senior auditor at Allahabad Bank & my mother is a housewife, so my career, beyond my admission to a good college, was dependent solely on my own self & the choices I make. Luckily, this was the time Baru Sahib came into picture & I got admitted there for my B.Tech.

At Akal college, the life is entirely different from the outside world, it’s exclusive; the experience in terms of ambience, environment, the routines followed, the serenity infused by the presence of the temple & the unique transformative system of learning that beautifully blends academics with spirituality is exuberating, it’s appears as if the whole environment charges everything that resides in itself in the sensitizing valley of Baru Sahib.

I feel deeply transformed & inspired by the incredible vision & excellence of the teachers & the staff members at the university who lead students by example, showing them the true path towards leading a virtuous & successful life.

On the career front, I currently plan to gain more experience at job so I can later be in a position initiate my own business. Towards the society, I feel currently there’s need to save the environment & planting trees can be of much help, hence I would appeal everyone to do their bit on this front.

For fellow students, I would like to share that it’s important to stay focused in life, hence stay focused to get what you want or trying to get & one day you will surely reach there.

~ Gaurav Pandey, Alumni of Akal College of Engineering & Technology