Rashpinder Singh was brought to Akal Academy Darewal when he was just 6 years Old. It was only the Nature that pleased him after the school had divine lessons to motivate the students at such a tender age.

His father who was a bank manager had high expectations and wanted his son to study in a peaceful atmosphere and become a responsible gentleman.

His keenness to learn new things could make him achieve heights. And his vast interest in technical studies was also an add on. He was an ambitious and a well focussed student.

After completing his high school from Akal Academy Darewal, he went to Akal Academy Bhadaur to pursue his 11th and 12th. His focus was further sharpened at this place and he came a step closer to know his goals. His zeal to become a Mechanical engineer was a driving force towards his career path.

After being polished with unique values at school, He moved on to his next destination; Kurukshetra University where he pursued his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering.

The span of four years added a meaningful phase to his journey towards his goal. He also took coaching classes for masters in engineering . The chap’s vision and moves were perfectly directed towards his goals.

Rashpinder was offered a job by a company named SBC Heatfive Trading in Dubai with a designation of an Application Engineer. He had achieved a checkpoint of the game but the mission was yet to be completed.

After several months of experience & hardwork, many were pleased with his efforts and dedication.

Finally he was rewarded for his perseverance. he reached his desired designation of his life. He is now appointed as a Mechanical Engineer in a highly reputed company named Inventure, Metal Product Industries Ltd in Dubai.