Young Arshpreet Kaur was aloof and lost when she stepped into teenage. She joined Akal Academy Baru Sahib in class VIII and watched her classmates immersed in divine discussions and prayers. She was dumbfounded since she had never heard of the word “Waheguru” that was ever prevalent. The next four years that she spent in the valley of divine peace – Baru Sahib, brought a paradigm shift in her outlook and she started taking interest and winning competitions in “Gurbani kanth” program at school.

With the blessings of the Gurus, she used to do “Akhand Path” every year at her school. She chose science stream and completed her 12th with very average marks.

She feels that “We cannot judge a child on the basis of percentage. Many would have come in life to discourage and many to motivate“. The girl was polished by the academy in such a way that no one could stop her follow her dreams.

With stars in her eyes she aspires to become a commercial pilot in future.

Finally, the daughter of Guru Gobind Singh was picked up as a Project Manager of the ” Book my show ” company at the IPL event.

And currently is pursuing her dreams more progressively. She has completed her B. Tech from Eternal University , Baru Sahib and is all set to give a green light to her dreams.

She recalls that the students at her college would come to her to ask if she could teach them.

She was also selected as an class leader in her college in third and the fourth year. She doesn’t forget the memorable moments at school, which have helped learn her a lot in life. And she is deeply attached to the Guru and prays everyday.

The teachings of Baba Iqbal Singh ji have already helped lot of alumni to climb the ladder of success. Today she is very thankful to the Academy and her Teachers for having served her with the values. Hence, she feels that today God has held her hand not in climbing stairs but peaks.

So, who can imagine a girl getting average percentage in 12th standard becoming a manager after internship. If one is in much need to know. Then please take an example of Arshdeep Kaur one of the jewels of Akal Academy.

~ Jagpal Singh