Keeping up with the strategy of leading by example, teachers alongside staff at village Ahmedpur Darewala Academy undertook the pious task of performing 3 Akhand Paths, all by themselves.

Inspiring by example: Akal Academy, Ahmedpur Darewala Teachers perform Akhand PathsThe teachers and other members of the school recited the 3 Akhand Path Sahibs continuously staying back at the Academy for 3 nights and devoutly took their roles in scheduled shifts. During the event, several villagers contributed by helping the members in organizing for the Bhog ceremony, which was observed in the final week of last month.

“We got much encouragement from villagers, their great enthusiasm really supported us in performing our duties”, cited Mrs. Amandeep Kaur,  the former Principal of the Academy, who is now heading Akal Academy Rajia at the same post.

The Bhog ceremony was observed with Grand Celebrations; all the parents attended the event on the concluding day where post ‘Bhog’, students performed 3 brilliantly prepared choreographies upon ‘Mera Sona Desh Punjab’, ‘Naam Khumari Nanaka’ & ‘The Sikh History’ followed by some interesting ‘Kirtan’ and religious poetry sessions by 2nd class students. The music teachers also sensitized the audience with their exclusively prepared Anand Sahib recitation.

The event was also enjoined by village Ellenabad Akal Academy Principal Mrs.Sukhjeet Kaur, who alongside AA Darewala’s Principal Ms. Gurmeet Kaur honored the head of the village Darewala to reward the students who secured top positions during the 1st academic semester.

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 28th Oct ’13