Village Kalloh Akal Academy recently organized an exclusively designed event for the rural kids called – English Action Songs. The activity not just focuses onto learning English dancing moves, but also singing while dancing – the activity was organized to help them develop spoken English speaking skills… it’s the game of perfect lip-sync throughout the dance performance.

Akal Academy village Kalloh rural kids share English VibesThe designed activity is the integral part of the curriculum that is specifically knitted to develop fluency in English of the students. Experts believe that English, though being a subject of study, is rather an art when it comes to developing proficiency and accuracy especially at spoken English, which in turn automatically gives way to higher level achievements at reading and writing.

Hence, like it should be taken up as any other form of art – it all begins as a hobby – for which the interest has to be induced into a child first.

“Since for any hobby to develop, maintain and sustain, before it takes the shape as an art, one needs an environment both supportive and conductive to help keep the hobby active. The art of great English, is perhaps, no different on that context either”, revealed a young English teacher of the Akal Academy.

The Principal Ms. Manmohan Kaur added, “Since we understand that elements that create such an environment, like a group of English speaking friends or trend of following English programs/movies/music or such hobbies,  are non-existent in Rural India environments, hence it’s critical for us to inorganically create such atmosphere.

Also, we believe if we simply create such an atmosphere primarily, the learning and the education part will see significant improvements in terms of proficiency and fluency at this universal language, that has gained much of world importance and have become more of a necessity from being a mere requirement over the last 2 decades.

Thus, the need was felt and hence the efforts were applied to acknowledge efforts beyond textual learning and school academics to bridge socio-dynamic gap between the metros and the rural environments that prevail amongst students beyond school.”

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 29th Oct ’13