Akal Academy, Baru Sahib is a boarding school in Himachal Pradesh, about 100 km from Shimla. Akal Academy is the First IB authorized school in Himachal Pradesh. The 1,532 students not only try to explore the world of knowledge like in other schools, but they also imbibe human virtues by emulating exemplary faculty and staff, and by availing various opportunities offered by the state-of-the-art.

Baru Sahib is now considered one of the best schools in the world to send your child. The school system has state of the art facilities and among the best programs any school in the world can offer. The thing of all is that it teaches about Sikhi. The Sikh school teaches music, martial arts, Gurmat, and other things to help make an ideal student.

Baru Sahib, is divinity personified matching the prediction of one of the greatest and venerable saints of the present era, Sant Attar Singh ji who envisaged way back in the early last century that children educated at this place and endowed with the spiritual wisdom tempered with the modern scientific spirit would spread message of universal brotherhood across the geographical boundaries to the entire mankind.

For the realization of this monumental and stupendous task Sant Attar Singh Ji inspired his ardent disciple Sant Teja Singh Ji, M.A LL.B(Punjab) AM(Harvard) , the former principal of Khalsa College, Amritsar. He studied at the University College, London and at the Cambridge University from 1906-1908. He joined a summer school in Teachers’s College, Columbia University, New York in 1908. Subsequently he joined the Harvard University in USA and took his Masters’ degree in 1911. Sant Teja Singh ji being a widely traveled person took training and inspiration from various institutions and universities abroad. Upon his return to India he established various institutions including charitable trusts which presently figure at 129. He laid the foundation of Sant Attar Singh Hari Sadhu Ashram, Baru Sahib, after identifying the land as envisioned by Sant Attar Singh Ji. He established the Kalghidhar Trust to disseminate Guru Nanak’s message of the universal brotherhood by blending spiritually with modern scientific education.

The legacy of Sant Teja Singh Ji is being carried on fervently by Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, ho retired after having served as a Director in the Department of Agriculture, Himachal Pradesh. He has authored a book on divinity and Sikh way of life revealing unparalleled spiritual insight. He travels across the length and breadth of the country to carry the message of Guru Nanak that humanity is one and indivisible.

With the ever changing and trying times, the parampara of “Guru” and “Shishya” prevalent in ancient Gurukuls is not only maintained but being redefined at Akal Academy, Baru Sahib.

Akal Academy aims at developing the youth by cultivating their minds, imbued with a spirit of inquiry, thirst for knowledge, respect for diverse world cultures,along with inspiring their hearts with keen desire to serve the community in which they live and work, as well as aspire to serve humanity at large, through inculcating universal spiritual values in tune with the needs of modern education.

Baru Sahib integrates academic excellence and professional learning with the spiritual way of life, thereby producing honest, altruistic and compassionate human beings.

~ Source: DailySikhUpdates