Setting the example straight, a Doctor couple from New Jersey, who in the wake of doing good for others, especially the less fortunate, have expressed their desire to help construct Schools under The Kalgidhar Society – Baru Sahib. They have donated for the building of two schools in Amritsar area in the memory of their parents, namely Akal Academy -Chheharta and Chugawan. The couple, Dr. Gurcharan Singh and Dr. Navjeet Kaur are retired doctors and are working with Federal Government as Consultants from Pennsylvania, hail from a lineage of educationists from Punjab. They met our team of Sewadaars in New Jersey, USA and offered this Sewa to Dr. Khem Singh Gill - Vice President, The Kalgidhar Society. While offering this Sewa and showing her gratitude towards the hard work being put in by the society to help the less fortunate, avail Quality Education, she was in tears and said, “It’s time to pay back to the society which is not even the fraction of what we have got in return, where we wish to build a tree to provide the shade of education and everything special to the rural kids who move out of the shade with a light of their own and spread this light all over the world! We wish to visit India and support the Society in the social services they are into further…” Tell us what you think in the Comment Box Below! Dhan Sikhi... Dhan Khalsa! ~ Deeksha Singh ~ New Delhi, 22nd Sep '14