Sixty FREE surgeries & over 200 provided Medical Care at AKAL CHARITABLE HOSPITAL!

The faces of the patients reveal and Doctors say it is TRUE – The magic is YOU, your LOVE & SUPPORT!

Doctors strongly believe that besides medical treatment, it is the support of volunteers & generous donors, in terms of both service srendered & the finance for this noble cause of charity.

Healing with Care – 55th Free Medical Camp culminates successfully at Baru Sahib

“It’s a force so great, so noble…It can strike a magical thunder of healing upon the patient’s heart even before & more effectively after the surgeries, especially in critical cases”, told a psychology expert, who was also present during the medical camp to observe a case.

He also explained that donating for someone’s health & treatment is the simplest yet most effective of all gestures because it is this great gesture of “Love & Compassion towards humanity” that actually acts as a natural magical force that helps and supports the psychology of the patient the most, with a sense of care& support that sets his psychology carefree.This in turn, plays the most important part in the healing process that may begin or get triggered well before the actual medical treatment has started.

Amongst volunteers from Jalandhar, the team of doctors present on the panel for the camp included Dr. G.P. Singh, Dr. Gautam S. Sikand, Dr. Col. Rajinder Singh and Dr. Surjit Singh, who performed medical check-up & identified cases for Free Surgeries/Operations & also distributed free medicines; and several other specialized surgeons who later performed operations over the 2 days during the camp.

Dr. Davinder Singh, Principal of Akal Academies (runby Kalgidhar Trust), from Baru Sahib, reveals, “We are located in a very remote part of  Uttar Pradesh, where medical services are practically non-existent, our hospital, Akal Charitable hospital, is providing mainly the medical services; around 4 times a year we organize Free Medical Camps, we advertise well all over the place & people from as far as 300 kms travel here, undergo surgeries & get their smiles back.”

The patients are counseled by Doctors with a lot of love, personal touch & care. They are encouraged to fully share their pains & sufferings before the doctors, added a local volunteer who serves alongside the paramedic team & actively helps spread the awareness about the camp before & during the drive.

Those who believe that serving Mankind is serving God, may come forward to support this noble mission of the Kalgidhar Society.

Bring a change in somebody’s life here

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 11th Sep ’13