The Drexel team has put the Akal College of Nursing at Baru Sahib on the world map in context by bringing latest innovation in Nursing Education (Nursing Informatics, Global Nursing and now Simulation) ,at the doorstep of this remote, deep rural pocket nestled in the North West Himalayas.

The pillar of this remarkable and unique beautiful relationship is Dr. Jill Derstine who has been persistently visiting Akal College of Nursing along with experts from various nursing specialties to teach the students and introduce new trends in field of nursing education through conferences and workshops three times ayear.

Dr. Rocky, the ultimate in simulation is a passionate educator and an exceptional teacher. He demonstrated how technology and education can be wed and students can learn to address critical clinical bed side situations amicably and efficiently. The sim man (mechanized mannequin with computerized function) was brought for demonstration by Laerdal medical. Two birthing units (to show case how deliveries can be conducted) have been donated by Drexel University USA to Eternal University. We are grateful for this warm gesture. I am sure this facility will go a long way to train the nurses to battle with the challenge of high Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) & Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) in India because of the gap in providing obstetrics services in the rural belt of North India. Akal College of Nursing has taken up community nursing in villages around Baru Sahib to impact health care in this Himalayan region. The students take up one family and impart Health Education during their four years of stay at Akal College of Nursing.

I submit my thanks to Prof. Marylou the evergreen Nursing Educator who has been constant companion to Prof. Jill to establish Akal College of Nursing, the first Nursing College of Himachal Pradesh which is to offering B.Sc. & M.Sc. programme. Not to leave Prof. & Dean Gloria F. Donnelly who has been generous and magmanimous to serve the cause of Nursing Education to facilitate Drexel faculty to visit Nursing Colleges around the slobe for creatins world class slobal nurses.

~ Dr. Neelam Kaur – Principal, Akal Academy, Baru Sahib
~ New Delhi, 18th April ’14

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