To commemorate the Gurgaddi Diwas of Shri Guru Granth sahib, 11 Akhand Paths were initiated on the sacred festival of Sikhs ‘Bandi Chhod Diwas’ on 23rd October at Akal Academy, Cheema and the concluding ceremony ‘Bhog’ took place on the 25th October. [gallery ids="7515,7516,7517,7518,7519,7520,7521,7522"] The Gurbani was recited on voluntary basis by students of the teacher training program. The Sangat was mesmerized by the Kirtan Darbar which added an element of divine peace in the air. Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, President of The Kalgidhar trust honored the special guests and the students with saropas. ~ Tapasleen Kaur ~ New Delhi, 27th Oct '14 News Coverage: [gallery ids="7512,7513,7523"]