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Nitnem Done by Students 8,01,64,220
Sehaj Paths Done by students 1,890
Akhand Paths Done by Students 3,263
Students Baptised 1,820
Classrooms Added (129 Schools Setup) 129
Total Area Constructed 5,20,000 sq ft
Akal University ‘Guru ki Kashi Classes Started with
21 Courses
World’s First Sikh IB School – PYP New Campus Completed
Ist Sikh Online Digital University Eternal Global University, Washington DC
Recruits to Free Teacher Training Program 233
ETT Trainees appointed as Teachers after
Free 4 yrs course
Class 10th Results 100% passed in 1st Division
Class 12th Results 98.35% Passed,
77.41% above distinction
Smart Classrooms Added 294 (with total of 1810)
New Trees Planted 65,000
Anti-Drug Rallies by Akal Academies 23
Solar Projects 2 Academies, 60 KW
3 Solar Cooking Projects
for 6000 persons
1 Solar Heater for 2000 persons Started
Patients Treated FREE in Medical Camps 5,620
Patients Operated FREE in Medical Camps 209
Patients Treated in Drug Deaddiction Center 1,227
Total Literature Distributed 51,014
Audio/Video Literature 13,045
Children Studying Free/Subsidised 12,306
Lana Bhalta (Baru Sahib) Cleanest Village in Himachal Pradesh Ist in Swachh Bharat Mission Award
amongst 3500 villages in HP
Sports Champions Produced 88
Facebook Page (/BaruSahibHP) Fans 3,10,274+
Facebook Page (/BaruSahibHP) Reach 7 million
YouTube Channel (/BaruSahibHP) Views 4,11,027+ with 1,797 Subscribers
Website Footprint 2,44,094 Visitors
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