When the time is right,

The efforts shine bright and

Bigger the aspirations,

Better is the way forward.

Amandeep KaurWhen I was born to the family of mine, I had no idea what was in store for me in this amazing world called ‘life’. Being a girl child from a not – well to do family, I could imagine myself behind the social norms that would confine me to my home doing household work with my aspirations and aim in life stay buried deep inside me.

But destiny had different plans for me. I was the chosen one, I was the one who was given a chance to live my dream and taste what success is like. The Kalgidhar Trust through AIRWE Baru Sahib picked me up, helped me grow each day spiritually and mentally. It was not easy for me to adapt to the good things that were happening to me, I fought a fight within me, a fight with my conscience that said I will not excel, the fight with myself to prove who I am, the fight to reach out to my ultimate goal.

The further I was going, the brighter I could see myself living my dream. The desire in me to excel, to not be just another name, pushed me to join Baru Sahib. From that very day, I experienced what a blessed child would have. I feel blessed and possess the power to have a say in whatever I do, I am the decision maker. I too was bound with the social evils, but I let them go and took a hand in hand with Akal Academy. Now, I have learnt how to fight for what is right for me. I don’t look back to where I was; I take inspiration from where I am and plan for where I will be. I am being groomed to be a teacher and this is where I am looking forward across the fence where I am working for the rural education and bringing in a positive change. I am here to excel and I dream for a better and brighter world ahead.

~ Deeksha Singh,
~ New Delhi, 30th Aug 2013