Akal Academy Kajri Budding Artists lauded by Kalabharthi Child Art Development Institute ,Pune

The artist's world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep. Just reviving the above quote in letter and spirit, Akal Academy Kajri budding artists had a great day to show up their talent and imagination in drawing competition organized by Kalabharti Art Development Institute, Pune, Maharashtra. Nearly 114 participants took part in this competition at entry level. Declaring the list of winners Rajdeep Kaur of VIIIE, Puneet Kaur of VB and Gurneet Kaur of VB were selected the best entries for medal category. Akal Academy Kajri Budding Artists lauded by Kalabharthi Child Art Development Institute ,Pune The Principal, Mrs. Simran Kaur Thind and Art and Craft Teacher Mrs. Kiranjeet Kaur were present during the Medal giving ceremony held in the school. In her talk to all participating artists she inspired them to keep up their illustration work and make it perfect. Remaining all participant got certificates of Participation. Mr. Philip Xavier Media Coordinator was present on the occasion. ~ Tapasleen kaur ~ New Delhi, 8th Oct '15

Akal Academy Kajri Holds an Inter House Map Quiz Competition for students!

With the objective of inculcating Map reading skills and location identification, Akal academy Kajri Niranjanpur held Inter-house Map Quiz Competition in the school Library Hall. The competition was organized by Atul House in collaboration with Department of Social Sciences. The first round of the competition named as “States of India” gave children lot of drill and learning experience of locating states accurately, besides facing few hurdles and glitches in locating the north-eastern states. The second round of the competition was locating geographical features of India which gave the children practice of region location on the map. Akal Academy Kajri Holds an Inter House Map Quiz Competition for students! In the next round the Children were tested for the location of rivers followed by the next round in which the participants were asked about state capitals. Finally the winner teams were announced by the judges Mr. Ashok Singh Guleria and Mr Ravinder Singh. Mrs. Kanak Tripathi conducted the Quiz and Mr. Daljeet Singh co hosted the programme. All the House masters were present on the occasion to boost up their respective teams. Mr. Philip Xavier Media Coordinator too contributed to make this programme worth learning. ~ Tapasleen Kaur ~ New Delhi, 7th Oct '15

Tree Plantation Drive by the students Akal Academy, Basarke!

Akal Academy Basarke in the memory of Dr Kharag Singh Ji Sachdeva conducted a Plantation Drive in the school campus where students sapling of fruits, flower-bearing trees and also shade giving trees, turning the campus into a beautiful one! Tree Plantation Drive by the students Akal Academy, Basarke! As the sun came out to greet the Mother Earth, these group of students came forward for a good deed towards mother nature and mankind. Their faces glowed with their innocent smile as their small and tender hands dug scraps of ground to plant a sapling in the heart of Earth, each little angel gave back mother earth a new & a beautiful gift. Tree Plantation Drive by the students Akal Academy, Basarke! Since they are the pillars of the future, they have to learn about the environment and the factors that help in the sustaining of lives. Such activities done in a playful manner prove to be an important lesson for these young minds. Along with the activity, knowledge about clean environment was also shared. The teachers also took part enthusiastically. Tree Plantation Drive by the students Akal Academy, Basarke! The campaign was organized to create awareness among students about the need for safeguarding the mother earth from major environmental crisis. Lets appreciate this initiative of creating a widespread vision for the betterment of our environment. ~ Tapasleen Kaur ~ New Delhi, 6th Oct '15

FREE Medical Check Up Camp at Akal Academy, Theh Kalandhar!

Poor Health often hinders the learning progress, interest in activities and overall growth of a child. Under the health initiatives undertaken by the academies, Free Medical Check Up Camp was organized at Akal Academy Theh Kalander on 28th sep'2015 by the team of Civil Hospital Fazilka. Medical Check up included Haemoglobin, Blood Group & Dental check up of the students. The health and nutrition status of children is kept track of while checking health issues at an early stage. [gallery ids="13220,13221,13222,13228,13227,13223,13224,13229,13219,13226,13218,13225"] Such services are undertaken at fostering a healthy start to their academic future. ~ Tapasleen Kaur ~ New Delhi, 6th Oct '15

Students of Akal Academy Theh Kalandar visit Old Age Home, Fazilka!

"Compassion is the capacity for feeling what it is like to live inside somebody else's skin.” Imparting the value of compassion & selflessness, Akal Academy Theh Kalandar organized a visit to the Old age Home Fazilka. This visit is organized by the Head Mistress Mrs. Gurjeet Kaur. The president of this Manav Kalyan Sabha Mrs. Saroj Thirani also shared her view with the students. [gallery ids="13186,13189,13190"] It was an enriching experience for the students. In spite of fighting with the odds their heartwarming welcome was very touching. Students shared food with them and fed them with their own hands. They made them laugh with their light hearted jokes and joyful conversations. It was wonderful to watch them smile with their innocent presence and cheerful smiles. [gallery ids="13191,13192,13193"] Students spent quality time with them, making it the most worthwhile time ever spent. It was really a poignant experience for all the students to visit the old age home and interact with them. In the end, students vowed to do something for senior citizens and contribute towards the betterment of their condition. [gallery ids="13194,13195,13196"] These learning experiences make students more empathetic and compassionate for the under privileged and the needy ones and when they grow up they are raised as selfless humans. ~ Tapasleen Kaur ~ New Delhi, 5th Oct '15

Remembering Muslim Sufi Bhagats on the occasion of Eid – Akal Academy, Theh Kalandhar

Eid was celebrated by the students of Akal Academy Theh Kalandar in remembrance of Muslim Bhagats and their religious contribution. Such congregations help in upholding the spirit of brotherhood and love for each other and instil the universal values of tolerance, compassion and solidarity in among students. When a Sikh devotee bows in reverence before Guru Granth Sahib, he bows to the divine hymns of not only the Sikh Gurus but also to these saints, who initially followed their own spiritual path whether Hindu, Muslim or any other faith. In Guru Granth Sahib, Allah, the Divine Name recited by the Muslims have been incorporated 46 times. [gallery ids="13148,13150,13151,13152,13153,13147"] The Teachers presented an enlightening speech on the role of Sufi Saints in the Sikh history & their contribution in Guru Granth Sahib Ji mentioning about, Pir Bhudhu Shah ji, Sai Mian Meer ji and also 5 Sufi saints whose bani have been incorporated in Guru Granth Sahib , Bhagat Farid ji, Bhagat Kabir ji, Rababi Balwand Ji, Rababi Satta ji, Bhagat Bhikhan ji. Such celebration in the form of special assemblies sensitizes students towards living in harmony in a diverse society. The principal motivated the students to always follow their spiritual path and welcome all religious faiths wholeheartedly as all of them lead us towards the path of one God. They are taught to pay respect to the Holy Scripture which itself is inter-faith and thus has a universal message for the entire humanity. At the end of the congregation Karah parshad was distributed among all the students & staff members. ~ Tapasleen kaur ~ New Delhi, 28th Sep '15

FREE Eye Camp at Akal Academy, Dakra Sahib!

As it is said, "Good health and good habits are very important factors for children to get benefits from quality education and grow up as empowered individuals." Akal Academy, Dakra Sahib conducted a FREE EYE MEDICAL CAMP for the students. The Manager of Sanjeevni Eye Care Dr.OP Arya ,former Civil Surgeon & Principal along with the Medical Officer of Haryana Civil Medical Services organised this three days camp at AA Dakra Sahib from 23nd -25th Sept, 2015. [gallery ids="13112,13114,13115"] Students underwent eye check up, were advised on their concerns and prescribed spectacles & Medicines as per the requirement. It proved to be quite beneficial & informative for the students as well for the staff. The students also shared their views on medical issues concerning eyes. A bright beautiful beginning for promoting health among the children in rural areas. ~ Tapasleen Kaur ~ New Delhi, 25th Sep '15

International Water Day Celebrations at Akal Academy, Bilga!

In the Endeavour to conserve and use the water resources optimally, Akal Academy, Bilga celebrated the International water day. Various activities like Poster making, Slogan writing, free hand drawing and Painting Competitions were conducted during the day. Speech was delivered by Teacher Inderjit kaur to motivate the students to conserve and save water. Students pledged to avoid wastage and create awareness about Water Conservation to others as well. International Water Day Celebrations at Akal Academy, Bilga! Posters related to Water Conservation were displayed all around the school campus. Human water drop was also formed by students of A.A.Bilga giving the message to the World about the NEED TO SAVE WATER. Principal Harpreet Kaur Sahni motivated the students to be the future leaders and save the Mother EARTH of its depleting resources. ~ Tapasleen Kaur ~ New Delhi, 25th Sep '15

Punjabi Poem Recitation Competition at Akal Academy, Bilga!

With an aim to restore the pride and prestige of Punjabi folklore, culture and heritage, Punjabi poem recitation competition was conducted in Akal Academy Bilga which was conducted by Punjabi and Divinity Department. Students of VI- VIIIth Grade participated and were divided into 4 groups belong to 4 different houses. It was conducted in Darbar Sahib with judges as Ms. Ramandeep Kaur, Ms. Ritu Bala and Ms. Baljeet Kaur. Some of the most sensational and beautiful poetry were recited by the students. Winners of this competition were Karamvir Singh (Atul House) Jaskirat Kaur (Amul House) Jasmeen Kaur (Abhai House), Tanvir Kaur (Ajai House) and Gurjinder Kaur (Abhai House). Principal Harpreet Kaur lauded the efforts put in by the students & motivated others to participate in such competitions too. A great attempt by Akal Academies to bring Punjabi to the forefront, preserving the glory of Gurmukhi. ~ Tapasleen kaur ~ New Delhi, 25th Sep '15

Prakash Purab of Guru Granth Sahib celebrated at Akal Academy, Dadehar Sahib!

Students and staff members of Akal Academy Dadehar Sahib celebrated the first Prakash Purab of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The Students of class 9th and 10th Grade collectively recited Sri Sukhmani Sahib to mark the sacred day following which the students & Staff members performed Kirtan and added to the divine atmosphere. [gallery ids="13095,13094,13093"] Divinity coordinators briefed the students about the history backing this auspicious day which enlightened the students. In the end, students recited the bani of Anand Sahib and Ardaas was done to seek blessings of the almighty. Kadah Parsad was also distributed among all students and staff members. Like & Share to hail the efforts! ~ Tapasleen Kaur ~ New Delhi, 25th Sep '15