“The Guru & Disciple Have Become One”

As I humbly sIt down to take ‘AmrIt’
With tears of love
And devotIon for the one,
Guru Gobind Singh Ji,
That made us Khalsa
From the weak and hopeless ones..

Bless me oh Waheguru!
Help me oh god
To have a resolve so strong

For am not deserving
of this BeautiIful ‘Naam’

I pray to you cleanse
My Body and Soul…..
…my cluttered Mind that has
limitless thoughts
of earthly chores..
as I come to your throne…
to become pure and ‘Khalsa”
not alone
but wIth the ‘Punj Piyare’..
Reciting Gurbani
TurnIng water Into ‘AmrIt’
The Nectar of ‘Naam’

Yes, blessed am I
And wonderful Is our guru
That has created a path for us
In this maze of earthly ‘ fires’
And duels……

A path so unique
Yet so Simple
Let me take a step towards the ‘guru’
And watch Guru Gobind take a Million steps
Towards me…
And hold
My hand
As I stumble
And steady
For Guru Gobind Singh is ready
To take me In his fold..

A tear from my eyes
Drops on the robe
Of the Punj Pyare
As he splashes AmrIt
An to my eyes and asks me to chant “Waheguru”
I chant ‘Waheguru’ wIth the utmost reverence
as I ask for the Guru’s Strength
His ‘Khalsa Magnificence’

I want the guru’s blessings
To come In my mind, body and soul
That Is Like a barren land..
Waiting for the Firrst drop of
The nectar of ‘Naam’
That AmrIt wIll turn my soul
Into a
Heaven of beauty, joy and peace
And there wIll be ‘anand’ everywhere I see..

May the rest of my days
Bear the mark of the guru
For today..
I have become ‘Khalsa’
And begIn a new journey, so true

To become a ‘Gursikh’ Is my dream
to fulfIll that?…….
Only the guru’s benevolence
His grace
And hIs bountIful, compassIonate blessIngs
And solace

As I humbly sIt down today to listen
To the revered
‘Hukam’ of our guru
I feel my life change
I thank him for this
Beautiful Gift of ‘AmrIt’
A priceless treasure

I bow to you
Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji
My savior
In this world
And the next….
Now …..
And forever…………….

~ by Vaninder Kaur
~ Source: Sikhnet