This went un-noticed for a long time before he decided it had come to a stage where he could not take it anymore. He shares his cold-blooded experience which sadly highlights his emotions when exposed to torment at the hands of race-hate pupils. Consistent bullying drove him to depression and misery. Vijay Singh was a bright 13-year-old boy from Manchester.

He voices his thought & emotions in a piece of poetry which will touch a Nerve in you & will drag your attention to this serious problem faced by the youngster who want to adorn themselves as Pooran Sikhs but are choked with misunderstandings about their religion.

MONDAY -My money was taken
TUESDAY-Boys called me names
WEDNESDAY-My uniform was torn
THURSDAY-My body pours with blood
FRIDAY-It’s ended

Most of his fellow students did not have the understanding why he wore a turban. Racist boys would beat him up when going to school, in school and also while going home. He was half their size, but size did not matter. They would knock his turban off and punch his eyes, so what if he cried they thought.

Bullying must stop, It is more alive than ever and the more we turn a blind eye to the issues, the closer we are to losing people we dearly love.

We are all equal- regardless of race, faith or beliefs.

So Share the voice of the voiceless & stand for them!