Beginning of September, ​Santokh Singh came from India to the Ajai Alai International Kundalini Yoga Community Centre in Shenzhen (China). He is with us for a whole month,​ sharing​ with Chinese students his long experience of Shabd Guru. We organized two 7-day​ sessions at the Center for the participants learn to play harmonium and chant shabd. After only three​ days of practice, I was very touched listening to the group chanting the Name guided by Santokh Singh playing tablas. Each student played harmonium, diving into the vibration of the sound current. I realized how important it is to bring this technology to China, as ​an inspiring way to rise the Sadh Sangat. ~ Satmukh Singh download “Deeply inspired by my late father Bhai Kalyan Singh Ragi, I feel that sharing my knowledge is my seva. I travel worldwide to teach Shabad Kirtan and tablas but it is my first time in China. I was very warmly welcomed. The students show me a lot of respect and have a deep sense of seva. Even if they are are just beginners, they learn fast and the majority of them have a high sensitivity to music. Their voices are very special too. I could teach 3 shabd and 4 mantras in only one week to the students of the first workshop. I taught 6 hours a day and everyday they would ask for more. They were so eager to learn more about Shabd Kirtan! Now I am looking forward to the second workshop next week and, above all, to come back next March for continuing this new adventure.” Santokh Singh ~ Source: