Watch this mesmerizing short message on the importance of taking out Dasvandh and sharing the happiness with the Almighty…

Dasvand is the practice of giving back one-tenth part of the earning back to the Guru. It is a religious obligation for every Sikh — a religious requirement or duty; a form of Sewa or a humble service which is highly valued in Sikhism.

It is the practice of recognizing that everything comes from God, the Giver. It is a seed of trust that actually has the effect of multiplying not only our income but also our faith, devotion and spirituality towards our roots of Sikhism just as a seed sprouts and grows into more plants.As Sikhs, the practice of dedicating one tenth of our day, two & a half hours (Amrit Vela) to devotion and meditation also originates from this principle of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

The ideal of service for the Sikh ceases to be merely individualistic and involves a sense of corporate responsibility.The ideal service of this in a larger context became intimately bound up with the concept of the Sikh Sangat.

Share the tradition that has brought us where we are today. It begins with a faith and an intuition about the reality of our own consciousness.

‘Share’ and inspire…