Excerpt from the most respected landmark Sikh movie ever “Bhai Taru Singh: True Saint. Fearless Soldier”.
This clip depicts the final moments before his scalp was removed on 9th June 1745 and it’s aftermath.
Sikhs had to go through a lot of oppression in reign of Zakaria Khan, the Governor of Punjab in 1745 A.D. due to oppressive policies towards the Sikh community.

One such Sikh young man was Bhai Taru Singh, living in the village Puhla, in the district Amritsar. His father had died while Bhai Taru Singh was a child. His mother, a devout Sikh lady, had provided his son Taru Singh, with deep knowledge of Sikh scriptures and Sikh History. As a result of this Bhai Taru Singh had developed full faith in Sikh scriptures and was proud of his religious heritage. He used to feed and help the poor and the needy irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

One of the government informer, named Harbhagat Niranjania lodged a report against Bhai Taru Singh with the then Governor of Lahore, Zakaria Khan. In his report he reported that Bhai Taru Singh was a dangerous person who provided boarding and lodging facilities to the terrorists who were trying to overthrow the government of the time, that he was harbouring criminals which endangered the life and property or the residents of village Puhla and other villages in the neighbourhood.

Without verifying the truth about the complaint against Bhai Taru Singh, lodged by Harbhagat Niranjania, Zakaria Khan issued orders for the arrest of Bhai Taru Singh. While Bhai Taur Singh was arrested for being taken away, the villagers protested and pleaded with the policemen to set Bhai Taru Singh free since he was a very noble, peace-loving and broad minded person according to them.

However, their plea fell on deaf ears. On reaching Lahore, Bhai Taru Singh was locked in a prison cell and was tortured in various ways. The more they tortured him, the more Bhai Taru Singh became steadfast in his resolve to protect his faith at all costs.

Ultimately, Bhai Taru Singh was produced before Zakaria Khan. Bhai Taru Singh wanted to know the reason for his arrest. He said, “I earn my livelihood by cultivating my land and working hard. I make payment of land tax regularly which could be verified from records. I also spare for the needy and the poor from my hard earned money. Why the government of which you are the ruling chief, is after me?”

Zakaria Khan could not think of any appropriate answer, but he told Bhai Taru Singh that he had to choose between conversion to Islam or death by torture.

Bhai Taru Singh, put a counter question to Zakaria Khan, “ Will I never die if I become a musalman? Don’t Muslims die? When I am going to die one day, irrespective of my religion, then why should I desert my faith of which I am extremely proud of? Why should I commit an act to fall out of favour of my beloved Guru? If God had will me to be a Muslim, I would have been born to Muslim parents. I love my faith more than my life and I will defend it at all cost.”

Zakaria Khan replied, “I will put your steadfastness to test and would like to see how you defend it.” Saying this, Zakaria Khan ordered the official cobbler to remove Bhai Taru Singh’s scalp together with his hair (Keshas).

Bhai Taru Singh accepted this punishment gladly under anxious and watchful eyes of thousand of spectators, Bhai Taru Singh’s scalp was removed by the cobbler who obeyed the orders of Zakaria Khan in letter and spirit. Bhai Taru Singh’s scalp was placed in front of Zakaria Khan. Bhai Taru Singh thanked his Guru Ji and God even in the face of such a cruel act of the ruler.

While the blood kept oozing from Bhai Taru Singh’s head, Zakaria Khan started crying in pain since he could not pass urine. All efforts on the part of best of doctors attending on Zakaria Khan failed to relieve the Governor of Punjab of unbearable pain.

As a last resort, Zakaria Khan sent a message to Khalsa Panth through S. Subeg Singh asking for forgiveness for his cruel acts against the Sikhs and promised to stop their persecution forth with. S. Subeg Singh suggested that Zakaria Khan should get his own scalp hit by Bhai Taru Singh’s shoes. Zakaria Khan readily agreed to the suggestion, made by S. Subeg Singh, Bhai Taru Singh who was still alive even after removal of his scalp, was approached for loaning his shoe for the purpose of hitting Zakaria Khan’s head with it, as suggested by S. Subeg Singh.

As soon as Bhai Taru Singh’s shoe went into action, Zakaria Khan’s pain started receding and finally disappeared but a little later Zakaria Khan died while Bhai Taru Singh was yet to breathe his last. As soon as Bhai Taru Singh got the news of Zakaria Khan’s death, he too breathed his last.

Bhai Taru Singh’s martyrdom is an eye opener to the Sikhs. His steadfastness towards his faith, his total submission to Guru’s and God’s will should induce unflinching faith in the mind of every Sikh, to obey the Guru’s orders without hesitation and with full faith. “O” Sikh youth! Why lose such rich heritage by meddling with Keshas!

Let us resolve now that we will henceforth, mould our lives according to the teachings of our Gurus and by serving the humanity with meditation on the name of God, we will aspire to be one with the supreme being.
Never know when someone gets inspired to proudly adorn the Sikhi Saroop again!!

~ Source: www.allaboutsikhs.com