The great work of Randhir Singh Heer, founder of Midlands Langar Seva Society was honoured today as a with the release of a large scale mural in honour of the seva he carries out.

He has been nominated for the TSB Pride Of Britain Award 2017.

The aim at Midland Langar Seva Society is help the homeless and provide food/hunger relief to those that need really need it. Their great work has attracted support from the wider community and many awards.

But, what was even more surprising and totally unexpected, was that TSB presented a cheque for £10,000 to Randhir Singh at the event as a donation towards our Guru Nanak Langar Bus project, as if this wasn’t enough they also decided to give us 2 3x3m gazebos which be very useful in wet conditions.

Wonderful Art- The Graffiti Kings,