Ranjit Singh Rarru is using his life savings to operate a free food service for anyone in need. He lost his job two years ago, but has kept busy giving free food to those in need at the Guru Nanaks Free Food Langar on Victoria Street.

For the past year, Singh has been serving out of this location after his rental property was being used as a front to sell alcohol. “That really hurt me,” he said.

Since then, Singh took back the location and now has served thousands of people with a service that’s expanded to run three days per week. “It’s beautiful, all these souls that come here because the soul is what everybody is after, it’s not ego, it’s just we’re lost in money and everything else,” Singh said. “These souls come here and use the service of God, and you go to happily serve them, it doesn’t matter who it is.”

Singh’s friend, Deanna Borgstad says she’s been in need before and when she heard about the efforts to feed the community, she was simply inspired. “It’s humbling, it changes you, it changes who you are inside when you take the time to give for no reason, just give, because you want to see somebody else happy.”

But Singh isn’t just helping people in the local community. He has expanded his delivery of fruit twice a week to eight elementary schools in Prince George. Toby Young has been volunteering with Singh and says it’s incredible just how much “Ranjit spent his savings, his entire money on helping others and that’s what truly moved me, was that it’s all selfless service for him.”

Singh says it’s not about the money, but rather, it’s about helping others and asking for nothing in return. “There has to be not even a bit of you, no I, no me, it’s all Him and once that ego disappears you can feel the bliss all the time.”

~ Source: www.ckpg.com