Celebrating Daughters Day…

“Daughter of Khalsa Panth FEAR NOT” – Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Daughter's Day 3

The rulers of Lahore, in olden times, cast a Sikh youth in prison. He was the only child of a Sikh widow; for no other crime save that he was a Sikh they would murder him if he offered not allegiance to their injustice and wrong-doing. The mother could do nothing, she shut herself in her room, And her soul, tranced in agony, passed in a vision to the Beyond, and stood before her Master: “Lord take the child in Thy care; he must owe allegiance to no one but Thee.” “Fear not, daughter;” said Guru Gobind Singh; “here comes your son.” And there she met her son arrayed in shining armor of light.

Jithe Rakhe Bikunth de Thaeen,
Man Tan Tera Dhan Bi Tera,
Tu Thakur Swami Prabh Mera

– Daughters of Mata Sahib Kaur!

Daughter's Day Series 2

From a distance, one could see the vultures circling their dying victims. As one got closer, the site changed to a vast field of slaughter. Men, women and children of noble appearance lay dead in the field. Amongst the bodies of these magnificent people, one could hear the cries of help and water from soldiers of the other army. Clearly, a battle was fought, but something told the observer that the day had witnessed the carnage and execution of benevolent people whether they must be men, women or children.

Amidst the cries for help, there were subdued words to the tune of “Waheguru. Waheguru. Waheguru.” It now dawns upon the observer that it is the noble Sikhs who breathe their last in Waheguru, whilst the soldiers of the other army lie crying for mercy and water. The observer my friends, was Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, who, as the General elect of the Khalsa, witnessed the slaughter of 21,000 Sikhs in one day by the Turkish and Moghul armies.

The now captured Princesses of Guru Gobind Singh Ji had earlier witnessed their brethren cut down whilst defending the women and children. During the battle, women were busy tending to the wounded, yet others were loading the muskets and still they were reciting. “Waheguru. Waheguru. Waheguru.” The sound of Vaheguru resounded into the air and with intermittent cries of “Jo Bole So Nihal. Sat Sri Akaal!”

The Khalsa would strike out into the encircled enemy with such valour that the Muslim contingents were struck with awe and terror. In Lahore, these captive Sikh ladies were herded into prison with no food or water. Soldiers eyed them and taunted them as to, “where was their illustrious Guru now.” The brave women would still be unaffected and sing shabads of Kalgidhar Patshah Ji. The day saw further torture in order to shake their faith. The Qazi would offer Islam and freedom (as written in the Quran) but met with such contemptible laughs and refusal that the Qazi, in outrage, would order the deed to be committed. Their babies, snatched from its mothers were flung high into the air. There was a deathening moment of silence. Before the children landed on the spear of the executioner.

The proud Princesses, steadfast as ever, started reciting the Kirtan Sohila (final prayer) whilst the infuriated Qazi kept offering Islam and freedom. No one knows how long or how many Sikh women underwent the inhumane torture. Made to work hard, the daughters of Mata Sahib Kaur Ji hand milled large sacks of wheat into flour everyday and still the Shabads would ring into the ears of the heartless Qazi.

Amongst the Sikh women it was heaven, for they were living up to the words of Guru Ji.. Jithe rakhe bikunth de thaeen (O Lord, where ever you keep me it is heaven) Man tan tera dhan bi tera (For this mind, body and wealth is yours) Tu thakur swami prabh mera (You alone are my God, saviour and benefactor)


“If my blood be mingled with the waters of Immortality, it is no death” – Brave Guru’s Daughter…

Daughter's Day Series 1

While the dawn was yet young a Sikh mother emerged out of space, and was seen moving towards the Golden Temple at Amritsar. “Where are you going, mother?” said Dewan Kauramal, a minister of the Mughal ruler of Lahore. “To the Guru’s Temple,” said she, “today assemble there the Guru’s Khalsa, the holy ones, and I have come to bathe myself and my child in the current of Naam.”

“But the opening of the temple to the Khalsa today is treachery,” said the Dewan, “The imperial forces are here to kill everyone that enters the temple. Today there will be a general massacre of the Khalsa.” “What matters it, O good man,” said the Sikh mother, “if my blood be mingled with the waters of Immortality, it is no death?” “Have pity on your innocent child,” said the Dewan. “I love him so I bring him with me; this death is life for us. You do not know,” said she, and passed on…