This 80 yr old Sikh earns his living by sitting outside Gurdwara Chehharta Sahib Punjab with his weighing machine.

Mata Gujjar Kaur Trust Jagraon visited an old Gursikh and offered him financial aid, proper home and also gave him money for his daily expenses.

Astonishingly the Singh refused to take any financial aid offered to help with his daily life because these materialistic things held no meaning or attachment to him.

He said he is blessed enough already to read Gurbani, do simran and remember Akaal Purakh and those are the only blessings he needs.

He chooses contentment over materialistic things. He follows the teachings of Sikh Guru’s in reality.

While we find excuses to find time for simran amidst our busy lives, he makes sure he remembers him despite of having a struggling life.

This 80 Yr Old Gursikh teaches us the True Essence of Sikhism! Live exemplary of Life devoted to Naam Simran!

Dhan Sikhi!

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