When we talk about the history behind this sacred shrine, Guru Har Rai Ji bestowed the Gurgaddi to Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji when he was just five years old.

Later Raja Jai Singh invited Guru Sahib to his diwan. He was greeted with great fervor and his accommodation was arranged at Raja Jai Singh’s palace. At the time, a swear epidemic of cholera and smallpox broke out in Delhi. The young Guru began to attend the sufferers irrespective of cast and creed. Particularly, the local Muslim population was much impressed with the purely humanitarian deeds of the Guru Sahib and nicknamed him Bala Pir (child prophet).

To cure the patients, he built a holy water tank. The patients were cured with the holy water from this tank. Till date the same divine water heals the devotees of all diseases.

Till today, the miraculous powers of this Amrit prevail. People who believed in the magical powers of this place, have actually experienced the divine grace of Guru Sahib. We all are soo entangled in the vices of this Kalyug that we fail to acknowledge the POWER of FAITH.