It was during the time of Guru Arjan Dev Jee. Sangat was coming from Kabul (Afghanistan) to Amritsar for darshan of Guru Sahib. On their way, they met a Sikh Couple who had devoted themselves completely in sewa of Sadh Sangat. They passionately served themselves day night in the sewa by doing everything they could to ease their tiredness. The next day Sangat proceeded to Amritsar. As they reached Darbar Sahib, the Jathedar of the Sangat asked a few boys to take care of everyones’s shoes. None of the boys showed their willingness to do it, as they all were too eager to be the blessed with darshan of Guru Sahib. At last the Sikh Couple volunteered to do the sewa. The Ssangat went inside and waited for 30-45 minutes for Guru Sahib for his sacred Presence. The Jathedar went ahead and inquired Baba Buddha Ji about the absence of Guru Sahib ji. Baba Buddha ji : Guru sahib has gone to greet the sangat coming from Kabul. Jathedar : But we are the Sangat from Kabul! Baba buddha Ji : Didn't you meet Guru Sahib? Jathedar : No Babaji, we didn't. But we met a Sikh Couple on the way who did a lot of sewa. Babajee : Where is that Sikh now? Jathedar : We left him to look after the jodas (shoes) of the sangat. Babaji, followed by the jathedar who with the entire sangat went outside to look for that Sikh. They saw him cleaning all the jodas (Shoes) with his own chola. It was none other than Guru Arjan Dev Ji Himself Baba Buddha Ji went forward and took away the pair of shoes Guru Sahib ji was cleaning. Baba Buddha ji said "Why are you doing this?". Touched by this Sight, the entire Sangat was in tears to see the nimarata of Guru Sahib (humbleness). Guru Sahib answered smilingly "Babaji, I haven't seen Guru Nanak Dev Ji, but you have. Take a look again at this pair of shoes". Baba Budha ji took a good look at the pair of shoes, and since he had been with Guru Nanak Dev Ji, he immediately recognized that it was Guru Nanak Dev Ji's pair of shoes. ~ Source: ~ Edited by Tapasleen Kaur