The Depths of Sikhism

The Depths of Sikhism

For all people, keeping all misconceptions aside, Please read this poem to understand the heights of Sikhism’s truth and simplicity & its unparallel essence.
Though I may not have touched every aspect of the vast Sikhism, but I’ve tried my best to put forward my insight about it in form of a poem, throwing light on Sikh terms and beliefs as told by our One Guru.

Being born as a Sikh in a Gursikh family
Is the first ever gift a soul can receive.
A fortunate jackpot! One may call it so
Which they must just know how to perceive.

But does that only make us a Sikh?
Is that the only pre-requisite?
No dear fellows I really doubt,
It takes much more than just a bit.

Sikhism is a pure belief,
In keeping with logic and truth.
It vanquishes all putrid myths
that put you astray from his service & parenthood.

It’s not meant for the frail & fraudulent,
But is the honour of the valiant one.
The one who loves him with whole of heart
And surrenders himself to the supreme one.

It’s evergreen & of pure origin,
Always in sync with Mother Nature.
Instilling compassion toward humanity
It respectfully considers each element & creature.

Simple living & high thinking,
True Gursikhs have it all.
Ever ready to serve the Panth,
Whenever they receive a call.

You’ve come to a materialistic world,
So besides praying – do work, you must.
Understanding your duties on earth,
Be empathetic, share & donate, you must.

Our Guru wants us to be honest & modest,
And to treat death as inevitable after birth.
Peace is what he urges us to spread,
In this downtrodden & violent earth.

Elixir is what Sikhism proves being
For the misery-ridden & distracted souls.
And those blessed ones who find it so,
Thereafter find their lives on a roll.

A Sikh is taught to treat all alike,
And banish distinction & bias.
To fill the gap amidst men & womenfolk,
In which only mutual respect lies.

Let us practice brotherhood
With our fellow beings, for the Guru who knows that all are one.
And fatherhood with the divine soul,
Which is ONE & only ONE.

We are born to fight for righteousness,
To defend the meek, helpless & the wronged ones.
But to take up the sword only when,
All previous peaceful effort is outrun.

Sikhism bestowed Guru Granth Sahib Ji on us,
Which is no less than bliss.
The embodiment of our ten Sikh Gurus
Whom we most adore & miss.

Guru Granth Sahib Ji is our sole Living Guru
And to no other sage do we Sikhs resort.
Waheguru’s Naam & deep surrender
Is the key through which true life is sought.

Under Sikhism’s haven, what I have learnt
Is to give each religion even respect.
But infinite love for my unfathomable one,
Makes me adhere to it for my life’s rest.

Being a Gursikh is for sure a courageous job.
But then it goes for the daring mob.
Renowned in the entire world now,
Sikhism is becoming a heart-throb!!

Prabhjot Singh Khurana

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