The Battle of Chappar Chirai was the first major victory of the Sikhs over the Mughals and the beginning of the Sikh empire building effort.

The battle of Chappar Chirai changed the political map of India in 1710, till then Sikhs were not a united political force but the followers of a particular sect. And in spite of their numbers were yet to be taken as a serious power in the region of west India what is now known as Punjab. The battle of Chappar Chirai changed that and in a short span of one-year Sikhs started ruling the entire area between Sutlej river and Karnal. The Battle helped the Sikh leader Band Singh Bahadur achieve twin purpose of seeking revenge of the brutal murder of the two kids of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and to claim sovereign rights over the city of Sirhind, one of the most important trade centre of Mughal empire in the seventeenth century and he achieved both the purpose like no one ever before him did.