In this age when energy is scarce and costly, every household in Bahadurpur Village is able to cook food with the FREE provision of Gas.

Dalbir Singh runs the biogas plant and has been supplying gas to all the 75 houses in the village free of cost for over a year. Biogas has a tremendous potential as a renewable energy source.

He also runs a modern dairy farm on the outskirts of the village. The farm has got 120 cows.

Initially, he proposed that anyone, who wished to get a gas connection, deposits cow dung at the plant.

But, it was difficult to implement this idea so he set up a dairy farm with over 120 cows and decided to use their dung in the plant. It generates enough gas to fill 10 LPG cylinders daily.

Earlier there used was no outlet for cow dung and household garbage, which caused a lot of pollution and dirt all around.

Each household in this village benefited from this plant as it saved them from a lot of their daily household expenses.

After this, Dalbir Singh is working to provide free electricity & lighten the entire village with the help of the biogas plant. He feels the concept could change the present power scenario in the state.