During the summer of 1976 all newspapers in England published a news item under different headings. It dealt with the Sikhs' special relationship with God. It so happened that the summer was rather hot in England that year and there were no rains. When it did not rain for several days, people felt the shortage of water. In time the shortage of water became very acute. Situation of scarcity continued for some more days when the Meteorological Department predicted that there was absolutely no hope of any rains in the coming few days. Following this the Gurudwara at Southall decided to perform an Akhand Path(uninterrupted recitation of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji). It was proclaimed with deep devotion that when the "ardas" would be offered on the completion of the "path" on the third day, it would rain with the blessings of God. Some people considered the proclamation a jest but many more had faith in the power of the Prayer. The "Akhand Path" started on schedule. The entire Sikh Sangat was rapt in prayers appealing to Waheguru that He fulfils their prayers. Each heart was full of devotion, faith and selfless desire. The "Akhand Path" concluded on the third day. The weather was quite clear. Baba Jagjit Singh, offered "Ardas" in such a humble tone that everybody's eyes became wet. It is said in the Sikh scriptures that true prayer of a devotee never goes unanswered. After the "Ardas" was performed the "Hukamnama" was taken from Siri Guru Granth Sahib which began with the words that the month of "Savan"[rainy season] has come. Inside the hall the hukumnama was still being read when rain started pouring outside. Sikh slogans echoed in the air for fifteen minutes. Numerous people from T.V., newspaper and radio were witness to this. Some of the quotes from the press are as follows The Daily Express(Saturday, 28th August 1976) " The rain that had gone on vacation has returned on the summon of Sikhs. How wonderful the incessant downpour is! Excellent! Excellent!." The Guardian(Saturday 28th August 1976) Correspondent Grant Perry wrote under the heading--The Prayer of a Sikh religious leader is answered. "The umbrellas lying idle in London for the last six weeks were taken out when it started pouring incessantly in answer to the prayer made by the Sikhs." In News Agent, David Macmillan writes "In case of bringing rain, Sikhs have succeeded 100%." Such is the Power In The Prayer Of A Sikh.