This SINGH in the Australian Defence Force trains combat engineers

In a remarkable display of diversity in the Australian Defence Force, Lt Amrinder Ghuman of the Royal Australian Engineers, is responsible for training new recruits at the School of Military Engineering (SME).

Lieutenant Ghuman is responsible for training and preparing soldiers to be combat engineers within the Australian Army.

On completion of their training, 2 IET Troop conducted their march-out parade at the School of Military Engineering on 5th Jul 2017. Family and friends of the new sappers were present on the day, and witnessed the ceremonial parade led by the Troop Commander, Lt Ghuman.

We’re sharing some photos from the day, courtesy School of Military Engineering, and the Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Markus Ludwig.

The Australian Defence Force has been involved in many initiatives to recruit more and more members of diverse backgrounds, so that the ADF is more reflective of the cultures, religions, genders and races that make up the nation’s demography.

In May this year, the ADF held community sessions in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide where officers from various multicultural backgrounds answered questions posed by members of the general community. Squadron Leader Vickram Grewal was one of those ADF members present at these sessions

“People could have misconceptions about whether or not ADF provides a welcoming environment to officers of multicultural backgrounds. Perhaps a Sikh may wonder if he can wear a turban or a kirpan [the ceremonial dagger carried by baptised Sikhs, and one of the five articles of faith]. We want to clear those misconceptions and answer any other questions that people may have,” said Sqn Ldr Grewal to SBS Punjabi.

“ADF wants to be the employer of choice for people from all walks of life. It is not about your background, culture or religion, but more about what capability and professionalism you can bring to the forces.”

In December 2016 SBS Punjabi reported on the army reservist, Officer Cadet Satbir Singh Kahlon, who has been hailed “as the poster boy of diversity in the Australian Army”, after he has been featured in couple of videos showcasing multiculturalism in the organisation. Click on the links below to views these and related videos.

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