Mr. Ahluwalia said he checked in at the Aeromexico counter at Mexico City’s international airport about 5:30 am on Monday and was given his first—class boarding pass with a code that he said meant he needed secondary security screening.

When Mr. Ahluwalia showed up at the gate to board Flight 408 to New York City, Mr. Ahluwalia said, attendants told him he needed to step aside and wait for other passengers to board.

After they did, his feet and bag were searched and swabbed, he was told to remove a sweatshirt and he was patted down, New York Times reported.

Then, he said, he was asked to take off his turban.

“I responded…that I won’t be taking off my turban,” he said in an interview on Monday afternoon from the airport in Mexico City.

“And then they talked amongst themselves and they said, ’OK, then you are not getting on the flight.’”

“It is a symbol of my faith,” Mr. Ahluwalia said, explaining why he would not remove the turban. “It is something that I wear whenever I am in public.”

He refused to remove his Turban during the security check. Singh also has been a social activist campaigning for greater Sikh awareness.

Source- The Hindu

Let Aeromexico know this is racist and unfair.

We demand, an apology, Sikh awareness training for airport security, training on how to screen Sikh Passengers with religious headgear.