Bhai Amar Das ji had just performed a miracle which was not pleasing to the Guru, but he had apologized and the Guru forgave him. On their way back to Khadur, the Guru’s home, the Guru and his companions stayed with a devotee who had asked the Guru to bless his soul by visiting his […]

Bhai Amar Das ji had just performed a miracle which was not pleasing to the Guru, but he had apologized and the Guru forgave him. On their way back to Khadur, the Guru’s home, the Guru and his companions stayed with a devotee who had asked the Guru to bless his soul by visiting his house.

The Guru answered the man’s devotion and blessed him with happiness. While they were at his house, Bhai Amar Das ji also blessed him,=. He said: “The True Guru will give you a son, your son will be a saint.”

The people were surprised, and one said, “Amar Das has taken the role of the Guru but the Guru is standing right here!” Another remarked,  “Yes, he is predicting the future and granting children! The servant is acting like the master!”

Bhai Amar Das thought about it, and then said,“I have again made a mistake.” and again he apologized to the Guru saying, “Guru ji! I have again acted like a fool!”

This time the Guru comforted him, saying, “My light is in you. From now on just think about what you say first.”

When they had returned to Khadur, Bhai Amar Das continued to serve the Guru with all his heart.

Guru Angad had become the Guru because of his supreme devotion. Bhai Amar Das also showed great devotion that never decreased. Bhai Amar Das was now 73 years old and he vigorously performed all services, even hard labor. Guru ji publicly announced his love for his supreme devotee and said: “Amar Das will save uncountable people. The eyes which see the saint of the True Guru are blessed. The hands that serve the saint are blessed. The feet that walk the path are blessed. The ears that hear Divine praise are blessed. The mouth that avoids slander is blessed. Always speak the truth and sing the Guru’s Words.”

Twice a year the Guru would give shawls of honor to his Sikhs. He would tie them around Bhai Amar Das ji’s turban. Bhai Amar Das would never take them off. People thought he was crazy but really he was very devoted and only thought of service. One day Guru ji said,  “My life is coming to the end of it’s cycle. I will be leaving here soon.”

The Sikhs didn’t want him to leave, and said: “How will we live without your words?? Guru ji, please stay longer so we can hear your teachings and be happy.”

The Guru replied: “The saints of the True Guru are like clouds. They take a body to help the world and bless people. The body is a vessel which will always die. A rich man drops old torn clothes to put on new ones. A saint drops the aging body when it has done its service. Death is nothing but changing one’s clothes.”

The Sikhs were enchanted by the Guru’s speech and their worries ended. It was at this special time that the weather turned dark. One winter night, the clouds hid the moon, it rained all night, cold wind blew, lightening flashed and everyone stayed cozy in their homes. Just three hours before sunrise, Guru ji said to his two sons, “I want some water.” But the Guru’s son’s pretended not to hear him, “I want water.” No one answered. The Guru shook them awake. His sons checked in the kitchen and told him, “There is no water here.” “It’s too early, we’re going back to sleep.” Their father said: “Still, I want water, my throat is dry.” His older son said: “But we’d have to journey all the way to the river!” “It’s too early and there’s a huge storm out there!”

The sons went back to sleep. Bhai Amar Das saw this and said: “Oh great king, your slave will be happy to get water.”
Guru Angad: “Amar Das ji at your age, this is not work for you to do.” Amar Das replied: “Sir, your service has made me young!”

Bhai Amar Das immediately put the large water pot on his head and left for the river in the lightening storm and pouring rain. He walked for miles with the cold wind blowing and the rain stinging his skin. He trod through mud and deep puddles in the dark night singing softly to himself: “Ik ongkar satnam karta purkh…”

Many times he almost slipped but… as if the angels were helping him, he continued on his errand without falling. When he finally reached the river he found that if he filled the pot to the brim, it was too heavy to lift out of the river.

So he got in the river with the pot on his head and submerged himself completely i


The weaver and his wife heard the commotion outside their home. The weaver ran out side saying: “Let me check outside, there may be a thief!”

And his wife said, “It’s no thief, it’s Amru the crazy man who never sleeps. He is homeless and lowly. He roams around doing endless errands.”

Bhai Amar Das showed his patience and didn’t mind that she had slandered him.

“SatiNam” he said. “And what kind of Guru would make a 73 year old man do a fools errand in a dark storm like this!?” she replied.

But he could not take insults to the Guru and said to her: “Dear lady, you have lost your mind. That is the only reason you could possibly speak about the Guru like this!”

Then he continued onward to bring the water to the Guru. He ventured through the muddy, cold, wet darkness and finally reached the Guru’s house. He had passed his final test of devotion. The Guru joyously hugged Bhai Amar Das ji The next Guru had been chosen.

In the mean time the weavers wife had gone crazy,“faoijalkjela!” she yelled. They went to several doctors but no medicine could cure her madness. She babbled and no one could understand anything she said. “eoiclclkaoijfa!”

The weaver bemoaned: “Why doesn’t any medicine work, we have tried everything!”

So they went to see the Guru. The weaver said, “My wife has insulted your servant and afterward she lost her senses.”

The Guru said, “Amar Das has done great service and his work is approved. His words prove to be true. He shall have spiritual and worldly power. Where Amar Das tripped, a green tree shall grow there. This woman shall recover her senses. Whoever serves Amar Das will get the deepest wish of their heart fulfilled. You called him lowly and  homeless. He shall be the home of the homeless… the honor of the honorless, the strength of the weak… the shelter of the poor … the finder of the lost… the freer of the captured.”

Everything Guru Angad said came true. Guru Angad called for a ceremony and announced that Amar Das would sit on the throne of Nanak.

“My sons, bow to Amar Das. All my beloved Sikhs, Amar Das is the True Guru. Whoever will serve him will be happy in this world and exalted in the next world. Whoever will be jealous of him will be sad.” Soon after that, Guru Angad left his physical body and Guru Amar Das stood as savior for the people of this world in this dark age.

-Ravi Kaur Khalsa

Source- SikhNet