Navdeep Singh, an alumnus of Akal Academy, Baru Sahib aspires to become a commercial airline pilot in future. Currently he is pursuing B.E. in Civil Engineering from Gopalan College of Engineering and Management, Bengaluru.

Navdeep SIngh says – For me, it was back to the days of my childhood when my father, a well settled businessman decided after much deliberation to send me to Akal Academy, Baru Sahib, keeping in mind the Sikhism connections.

The reason which backed this decision was that my father could well foresee the declension of Sikh youth that was looming large back in the 90’s. So his decision of sending me to Akal Academy was more of a protective measure that unfolded into a life-changing turning point in my life.

My words cannot describe that experience as it is an astounding experience to describe. My outlook transformed towards optimism. I became a Gursikh and the Sikhi delved deep into me. I learnt Gurmukhi with the help of which I could read the precious gems of Gurus enshrined in Guru Granth Sahib. The importance of Amritvela has penetrated deep in our minds and I could understand how it develops a direct connection with the Akal Purakh.

Besides this, there was a lot of improvement in my academic pursuits. The devotion that the teachers showed towards each student gradually kept building up my confidence in the subsequent years of my schooling. Baba Iqbal Singh ji, Dr Davinder Singh Ji, Anthony Sir, MP Singh of Solar Dept, Sher Singh and others were a great inspiration for me. Every day was a blessing at Baru Sahib.

Located in the serene lap of nature that has the potential to unveil the inner peace of your soul. Akal Academy attracts the simplest and the most deprived human talent and opens a window to science, art and elevated thinking.

The atmosphere at Baru Sahib is distinct and simple with modest and uncomplicated approach. It is rich with potential and heritage of past achievements, and the vitality of inquiry and discovery.

The disciplined routine polished my persona. Most importantly it taught me how to remain humble in success and be firmly rooted to the basic values and stand out with simplicity and sensitivity.

I learnt to be independent and gained different experiences from hostel life. I relished the food that was served (especially Rajma Chawal & special Langar). Refreshing trekking trips to Shimla provided ample time for leisure.

The school brought forth my sporting side; I cherish the enjoyable and enthralling memories of Sports Day which also gave me a platform to explore my hidden talents.

Signing off on a new boat with a new destination carrying along my precious memories, timeless experiences, unforgettable moments with friends, teachers and much more – that will always stay alive in my heart and endowed principles of Baru Sahib keep me going further on the ladder of success!

~ Tapasleen Kaur