“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction” – E. O. Wilson

The serenity and sanctuary of Baru Sahib fascinates you and assists to bring out the hidden talents in you and eventually you achieve goals previously thought as unapproachable. Being in a spiritual-oriented place, you experience a diverse aura of positivity and energy.

I am Harsharanjeet Kaur, alumnus of Eternal University, 2014 batch. Right now I am employed in Koenig Solutions, Delhi, as a Microsoft Consultant/Corporate Trainer and got placed while pursuing the last semester in B.Tech.

The four years spent at the Eternal University (EU) gave me an experience which was worth a million. Joining EU in 2010 gave me an upright direction in shaping my career. The location of the University is just perfect for the one who is keen to learn. The lush green surroundings make the environment even more mesmerizing. And yes, all thanks to the homely atmosphere at hostel, being so far from home is never that hard hitting for a city girl like me.

The realization of the exact value of what and how much I had gained from this very place, came only after I stepped out in the world. Besides mundane scientific education, the human values, imbibed in us, are priceless and make us stand out in the society.

The campus has got an enriched library, well-equipped labs and good infrastructure. The internet facility in library and labs makes the outer world accessible in a couple of clicks.

The University is established under Himachal Pradesh Government Act No. 3 of 2009.The University offers courses in Arts, Agriculture, Divine Music, Education, Engineering and Technology, Sciences, Nursing, Public Health.

Baru Sahib has potential to heal the mind and soul and to transform young impressionable minds to God-oriented youth. This stream will flow to every nook and corner of the country in times to come, to fulfill the dreams of deprived families.

Though, there is no way we can pay back for what we gain as values and an outstanding persona, but I urge all alumni to contribute in the noble projects undertaken by The Kalgidhar Trust wholeheartedly and ask others to do so.

~ Tapasleen kaur