My Father works as a Bank Manager & my Mother Tajinder Pal Kaur (M.A English, M.Ed) PGT English was a Teacher but now is a part of Kalgidhar Trust now. Both my parents have great expectations from me as a daughter.

My parents wanted me to change my decision & opt for some other courses so that I could stay in Delhi only. So I was made to appear for various entrance exams. Had I obtained a good rank in ‘CATE’ I would have pursued English Honors. But I was reluctant to do that. Then I cleared Bhartiye Vidhyapeeth exam counseling but again couldn’t make up my mind for admissions in Pune.

My Parents were too fed up of my stubbornness. But actually I had a pent-up feeling in my mind to go to ACET (Akal College of Engineering & Technology) Baru Sahib and I wasn’t able to express it openly as my parents were not confident about Eternal university and the functioning of schools and colleges in Baru Sahib.

One of my aunts who had been working in Baru Sahib for five years as a teacher had briefed me well about this divine place situated in the laps of Nature.

I was very impressed by the children and the way they were trained to perform their best academically as well as spiritually. Baru Sahib has potential to heal the mind and soul and to transform young impressionable minds to God-oriented youth. The stream of Akal Academies will flow to every nook and corner of the country in times to come, to fulfill the dreams of deprived families.

My Eagerness and Inner desire to visit & experience Baru sahib did not allow my conscious to search any further for any other course anywhere else.

Finally I expressed my deep desire to pursue my only and only from Eternal University, Baru Sahib. My Parents continued enquiring about the details from various sources. They were doubtful of my adjustment in such a remote area.

Ultimately we visited there. When we reached Solan I became doubtful about my decision of going to such a place where hardly could I see any buildings , people or shopping centers like in any other hilly areas.

The moment we reached there, the divine valley astonished me such magnificence, peace and solitude. The place was a dream world for me. The greenery, the beauty of hills all around and the sweet sound of recitation of Gurbani all the time had put me in a state of ecstasy. Not only this, I could imagine only angels could live on this pious piece of earth.

The radiance on the faces of the students and the staff enhanced my eagerness to get admitted there only. With God’s grace, My Wish was fulfilled.

Not only the beauty and the religious atmosphere added to my interest and happiness, the potential and talent I could see and feel in the staff made me stay there consistently for four years without making me feel homesick. I never wanted to return back!

Currently,I am working as Microsoft Certified System Engineer at Koenig solutions Ltd.

I have learnt a lot from here. It is because of the consistency, hard work, guidance and training of my worthy professors that I could get a good job in such a well-Reputed company and I am comfortably, confidently performing my duties as a professional.

I am and shall be grateful to the great Guru who showered all his blessings on me by making me a part of Baru Sahib.

Moreover, I feel, I would fall short of words and space, to describe my enriching and life-transforming experience at Baru Sahib. Eternal University has state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, despite being ensconced in a valley surrounded by hills from all sides.

Till date, I try to remain connected to The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib and give back in whatever way I can. Though, there is no way we can pay back for what we gain as values from Baru Sahib, but I urge all alumni to contribute in the gigantic projects undertaken by The Kalgidhar Trust wholeheartedly and ask others to do so.

No matter where we go or what we do in our lives, we always carry name and reputation of Baru Sahib with us, as a part of our identity in the society. So I request you all, to always keep a check on your actions and follow only the righteous path

In My humble way of saying ‘Thank You Baru Sahib’, I owe everything to Baru Sahib which I have achieved in Life!

~ Haramol Kaur