Every time I pass through the fields of my village I see my younger-self running through the crops, I see my father tilling the farms – the tree beneath which we enjoyed our tiffin prepared by my mother with so much love. That Tree still stands there, it’s shade still the same, still soothing even in the blazing sun.

I, Gurmandeep Singh, a Lecturer at Bhai Maha Singh College of Engineering, Muktsar now, go through this often – for these are some of my personal moments I am able to connect to from the days of my schooling at Akal Academy, Muktsar run by The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib.

Child of a farmer S. Daljit Singh & a housewife mother, I was lucky to have an educated father who switched from farming to teaching in early nineties & around the same time I was admitted to Akal Academy Muktsar – which has been the blessing of my life, which gave me a strong foundation to keep moving forward & be where I stand today.

I have several precious moments from school that often pervade my mind, be it Principal Sukhraj Madam’s advocacy or theorems of our Maths teacher Jayasiman Sir. Tuitions were something we learnt about only after school, at school the over-time classes & those extra hours put in by the teachers were part of our routine which never made us require or even feel the need of any external support for academics.

At my village Warring, while I was luckily going to school, the case wasn’t the same for other kids – while most of them were assisting their parents at fields. Few who were attending other schools would often quit upon failing at first place; this was like a tradition ‘the moment you fail in any class, it would mean schooling is over & work at field begins’. Now, over all these years, I am able to see the transformation that Akal Academies are bringing.

Amongst my other favorites were Baldev Singh Sir & Surinder Kumar Sharma Sir – who were my Physics teacher & Rajinder Kumar Sir who taught me about elements in chemistry classes. After completing my +2 from the academy I pursued B.Tech (ME) from Guru Teg Bahadur College after which I got placement at Bhai Maha Singh College of Engineering, where I am currently employed as a lecturer since 2009.

Presently, I am seeking to switch to a Govt. job like my father; in future I have plans to start my own work or a small business.

Apart from academics, I sincerely credit Akal Academies for spiritually connecting me to Almighty through medium of path; whatever spirituality is imbibed in me is from the Academy, ours is a typical Jatt Family, my routine habit of doing path & the strength & confidence it infuses into me comes only through Akal Academy.

For my village, I wish to appeal to the parents to must send their children to schools & provide them education on first priority over work. Rest I would want every child, especially at the villages to study at Akal Academy not just for the reasons of good academic foundation & spirituality but also for the proficiency in English that I noticed in the students of the Akal Academies which is missing at other schools.

Best Wishes & Loads of Love… Gur-Fateh.
Gurmandeep Singh