Hi, I am Gursewak Singh from Pilibhit, UP. Akal Academy Gomti, the name that defined my destiny, my education – my today & whatever I will be tomorrow. Being born into the family of a small farmer, I could have never imagined a life I have today, had it not been for my school that instilled education & values in my life. I would have been no different from my Dad, who strived hard through his life just to afford my education.

Currently, when I see myself being a Physics lecturer at Springdale college – as each time I step into a classroom, my mind quickly gives me a flashback of my entire life up till now & and then I quickly recall the blissful contribution of Akal Academy & Eternal University at Baru Sahib that gives me strength to keep moving forward & energize my lectures at the college during my lectures.

If I recall my childhood, the schooling isn’t something that came easily to me; there weren’t any schools in my native place Pilibhit, so I was admitted to the Akal Academy Gomti, which was 40Kms away from my place. My entire childhood holds memories of financial crises & some sweet memories of me going to school with my father during the 40kms course each day, as he taught me the principles of life.

Back then, the Akal Academy Gomti was only up till class 10th, so as soon as I completed my 10thclass I had to look for alternate options for +2 through some other private school as my father’s financial condition couldn’t support to send me to Baru Sahib; this was the most tough phase of my life, on one hand there was financial crisis & on the other my mother was detected with cancer & Doctors couldn’t save her unfortunately. The crisis gave a deeper hit to my father financial conditional as well as emotional breakdown for the entire family.

But, throughout all of this, I was fortunate to have had a strong foundation given by Akal Academy, wherein I received all-round development, I scored 86% in 10th & was also a pro-active participant in football – played cluster 4 times; at school, the teachers that played the most pivotal role in my life are Mr. Ashok Kumar , my class teacher & Rihan Raza Khan Sir, my sports P.T. teacher who contributed much towards whatever I am today.

Currently, alongside my Lecturer job at the college, I am preparing for Air Force exam – AFCAT as I desire to serve the Nation in Air Force. Life is much relaxed at home now, especially my father, since I am earning for the family now; for the greater part of my life I had always seen him worried & struggling for my education fees…but now, I feel much blessed now, thanks to Baru Sahib’s Eternal University where I did my B.Tech Engineering after which I got my current job at Springdale College.

For fellow students, parents of children at my native place – I deeply desire an Akal Academy be opened there as small children face a lot of difficulty joining school. Until this happens, I would recommend parents to send their young children to Baru Sahib & others (who are in 5th standard or above) can join Akal Academy in Gomti – it is the best place where overall development happens as I feel recreational activity is much important alongside academics for a healthy growth of children…Gur-Fateh!