I, am Tripti Dutta from Ghaziabad, I am an Akal Academy Baru Sahib’s Alumni from 2009 batch. Tough it has been almost 5 years since I left the school, but I keep in constant touch with the updates & happenings at the academy through Facebook & Alumni group there; the motivation behind my testimonial comes from various stories & pictures that I come across regularly.

Through this letter I would like to share some of my most beautiful memories & experiences that I had with blessings of The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib. I belong to a Hindu Family & have 2 siblings and our family, including my parents & myself feel both lucky & proud that we (all 3 siblings) received the blessing of having received our education at Akal Academy Baru Sahib it’s probably the best childhood a child can have or be provided.

My family, though hindu, was very supportive & always respected the things we were taught at the academy, be it ‘Path’ or other spiritual values. My mother and father feel blessed to be a part of the academy, even though I am no longer officially there now.

If I recall the days of my school life, life was pretty smooth on our family’s end, the only tough parts were being away from the family – which was equally tough for my parents too, but they managed, for they knew its worth managing; the second challenge, or the real challenge came across after school – in real life…everything was a challenge to begin with be it time management, strength, knowledge everything had to be put to test & proved, but then, this is what we were prepared for at the Academy, where our overall development was kept in focus at all times; I remember the routinely 1 hour play time schedule, which focused to develop our strength, meditative power, naam simran, which made us learn to how to stay calm during the times of turbulence. The best of education & values were imparted through dedicated teachers who were devoted to lead us by example & not just theoretically.

If am asked to tell about my favorite teachers! I would say at Akal Academy Baru Sahib every teacher was special for me; be it care takers, behenjis or the teaching staff, everyone gave & did the best in their capacities for/to the students; I look up to them to learn to lead a simple life, a life of selfless service – asking for nothing in return; they were no less than the saints. I am still in touch with many – my first class teacher, Ms. Julie Ma’am, we often chat online.

After school, I joined a company called ‘Leaderz Walk Life Skills Education’ as an Assistant Manager – it’s a company which provides soft skills and behavioral training to students & other individuals requiring it; I am currently involved into my family business dealing in Electronics Stuff, Gadgets, etc with my father wherein I take care of overall operations. In upcoming times, I am looking forward to have even stronger grip onto the business itself as I feel it’s one filed wherein I can dynamically apply all that I learned from Baru Sahib.

For whatever & wherever I am today, I credit Baru Sahib for it – I now a happy & confident individual, I often think that going to Baru Sahib is the best things that had happened with me as a child; it feels proud when people in our family & parents’ circle often give our example to their children not only for our behavior or academic performance but also for our simplistic lifestyle.

My message for fellow Students – Guys you are in heaven at Baru Sahib, spending the most precious time of your life, live each moments with joy as you will be later cherishing these your entire lifetime. For the parents – it takes a lot of courage & blessings of almighty to raise a child surrounded with saints where best of Gurmat Vidya & scientific education alongside overall development activities is provided, hence if you get the opportunity while you can, do send your children to Baru Sahib, it’s the best you can gift them. Gur-Fateh!