I, Harmandeep Kaur, now a mother of a 2yr old daughter, am writing this letter to Baru Sahib’s Kalgidhar Trust to express my love & a beautiful experience I am having now, for it’s the time I am preparing to admit my little daughter to Akal Academy Muktsar.

It seems that time is rolling backwards, offering new beginnings forward. I am currently working as a Medical officer at Muktsar Civil Hospital ever since after completing my MBBS post doing my schooling from Akal Academy Muktsar.

Whatever I am today, which includes not only academics, but my life…including all the Gurbani I am connected to, from values I learned to the profession I am into, for everything I am, is a blessing of Baru Sahib & having attended their Akal Academy.

From the days of school, I still cherish memories of classes, friends, extracurricular s & those extra hours of schooling that always came as a support & relaxation for my busy professional lecturer parents; those extra hours put in by the teachers helped a lot of parents at the village since most of them were either illiterate or were not educated enough or in a position to afford tuitions for their children.

Also, I would like to share with other parents that there was a considerable difference I noticed amongst children of our school & other convent schools, contrary to popular beliefs, our students were none the less, if not better than any convent school students when it comes to having proficiency in spoken English – I remember our students having better performances on various occasions, examinations & competitions compared to children of other schools on the context of English language; thanks to great teachers, our students gelled really well & easily at all places.

For the society at the village, I wish the girls become or rather are allowed to be more independent, which I feel is currently lagging. Also, to the parents of my native place & areas of vicinity, I would want to say that Akal Academies are free of Drug-Alcohol addictions, which is a major problem in Punjab , but, the environment is totally secured, clean & safe compared to any other school in Punjab, hence I would recommend that parents should admit their children to Akal Academies.

Our Family previously moved to New Delhi from Muktsar for a couple of years, but now we have returned to Muktsar just because we wish our daughter to study at no other school but the Akal Academy, like I did – I feel that explains my love for Baru Sahib adequately as there can be no amount of words sufficient enough for me to express how I feel about Baru Sahib & Akal Academy. Gur-Fateh.