‘To shape a pot, your hands need to be creative, to shape your future your mind should be creative.’

Navjot Singh, an alumnus of Akal Academy Muktsar was born in village Bhang Charhi, District Muktsar.

The young man had to face responsibilities in the future as he was the eldest amongst the three siblings. So, expecting him to land into a bright future he was sent to Akal Academy Muktsar Sahib. His father who was a farmer had made this decision dreaming his son to become successful someday and the pain of his efforts and hard work at the farms would be worth it.

Navjot had a creative mind. Even at school he would day dream to have opened a construction company in Canada. He had a vast interest in technical creativity. And perhaps that dream had set many parts to accomplish before it.

Because he was intelligent, after getting through his high school Navjot had many options to get in. But something was stopping him to enter those fields. And perhaps it was his dream of opening a construction company in Canada.

So, the young man decided to take a small step to achieve his goal of life. To pursue his B. Tech in civil engineering he went to Baba Farid College of Engineering and Technology in Bathinda. He had many things to learn and get more mature to crack the experiments he had in his mind.

After that he applied for a study visa to get an idea of the environment of Canada. But, unexpectedly his visa was refused and that was a big obstacle he had never had faced in life. So, he was hurt of the trauma he had just suffered.

But, if there are no problems to face in life then it is not meant to be successful. Navjot had to sort the way to his only ambition. And for that he decided to pursue his IELTS to get into the desired country. Meanwhile he had also been offered jobs from several companies. But as usual those didn’t mean important to him. It was only and only the goal.

Today, with Baba ji’s blessings the high thinking man is all set to shift to Canada. Not only for enjoying the nature but to become a construction engineer.

He recalls “Time at Akal Academy was my best. The air and the atmosphere are filled with pots of divinity which help to originate creative minds. Thank you Akal Academy Muktsar”.