‘It’s not about being perfect, it’s about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens, that’s how change occurs.’

Ankush Gulati an alumnus of Akal Academy Baru Sahib was born in a village named Puranpur, district Pilibit in U.P. Son of an electrician, his father ran a small electricity shop. Mother, a caretaker at home and his elder brother was another sign of support.

The hard working electrician wanted to see his son become a man standing on his own feet with pride. And his thoughts were moreover ongoing to get to his dream.

The young man started his primary schooling at St. Joseph’s School in U.P. The four years spent there had some influence on his nature, choice and study. When his father heard about an Akal Academy at Gomti being a branch of Baru Sahib, he decided to send his son there feeling that he would learn more than just studying.

The young lad had now been shifted to a different atmosphere. And he was going through conveniently. Ankush had completed his high school from Gomti and now he decided to get into the main branch Akal Academy Baru Sahib after experiencing the six years at Gomti.

It was the inner voice which lead him to Baru Sahib. And soon he had influence on his nature. He started to recite gurbani. The spiritual aura was now being seen in the chap. The final two years of schooling had not only taught him education but the power of spirituality.

Moving onto the next step on the ladder of career, Ankush went to Pilibit in U.P to pursue his M.Com in Upadhi College. This primary step eanbled him to learn financial concepts. His vast interest in the field made him continue the same with his admission in M.Com in Uttrakhand University.

Finally, Ankush wanted to work abroad, So he decided to pursue IELTS. And on completing it he was on his way to the other step of the ladder. Ankush landed up in Australia. And his last step to do his MBA from University of Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Australia. Life had many turns and obstacles but he was glad to make it.

Armed with the study of MBA, Ankush was enlisted by McDonalds as a branch manager.

Life doesn’t really make you fall. It just lets you know the obstacles, So that you become strong in future.