God has given us a life. A life not only filled with joy, peace, happiness but also with anxiety. If there is anxiety it doesn’t mean we get addicted to drugs and alcohol. Because, the biggest religion in this entire world is humanity which means life. If you care for it then say strictly say no to drugs.

Jasmeen Kaur a girl studying in Akal Academy Bilga was young & promising when she had been impressed by the environment at her school. When she came back home, she didn’t like the moment when her father would have a drink of alcohol. She felt so hurt and was sad.

Finally, she decided to raise her voice in front of her father to make him shun alcohol and drugs. Sometimes she even protested that it wasn’t good to start a journey after consumption of alcohol. But the girl was ignored. So, the scenario of the consumption of alcohol and drugs continued in the young girl’s house.

It was a stormy evening. Jasmeen’s small family was getting ready to go to a relative’s house for dinner. It was drizzling when they started their journey. While on road it started raining heavily. And the day turned dark and gloomy. During the journey somewhere the vehicle developed some fault and the wipers on the glass stopped working making the front view hazy and blurry.

Driving on a heavily downpour on a dark road was quite risky and to have those wipers stuck was really a nightmare. The life of all the travelers in this damaged vehicle was at risk so they slowed down. To see through the road it was difficult so they turned on the dippers.

From the opposite side a vehicle was coming on a great speed and they had to move through a risky curve. Though they slowed down they had to cut on wrong side due to a very large stone placed there on road.

As, fate would have it, the turn got all-wrong as the opposite vehicle hadn’t turned on its dipper. Now, the family’s vehicle collided head-on to a tree adjacent to the road and ultimately fell into a ditch. The family members suffered serious injuries.

Jasmeen’s father suffered with serious wounds on his legs, her mother had got injuries on her forehead. And Jasmeen suffered a foot injury, which fractured her joint. As, the black day continued the nearby villagers carried the family to a hospital in Nawa Shahar and all were admitted there.

After sometime when all got well, Jasmeen’s father realised how shameful it is to be a part of drunkards. He felt too emotional and proud to have a true Sikh daughter. At last, inspired by the thoughts he and his wife got ‘baptised’.

Today, no alcohol drugs or meat is allowed in the house. ‘Simran’ of the guru is common at their place and the family feels the honour, which is called ‘Charhdi Kala’.

~ Jagpal Singh