Hi everyone, I am Akashdeep Singh Ahluwalia from village Bilaspur, Moga. I am an alumnus of Akal Academy Cheema Sahib and Bhadaur, from where I did my schooling up my 10th before leaving for Chandigarh to receive my coaching for IIT. I am currently serving as Indian Coast Guard under the Ministry of Defence at the Rank of Assisting Commander.

As a child, my life was no different from any of the rural kids born in a farmer family, my father worked at the fields and my mother, a housewife, we together saw life taking twists and turns. My life was slated to follow the same path had I not been fortunate enough to have gotten into Akal Academy – which transformed my life into an entirely different individual that I could never imagine otherwise.

At the academy, it’s their simple motto that did the trick – the concept of imbibing scientific-modern education alongside the element of spirituality. All those years in that special  & uniquely knitted environment, amongst those specially trained hard-working teachers who gave their best to the students by leading by example, provided me a strong foundation of living a life of discipline and routine.

I feel that the Academy has provided me with the perfect mix of schooling. I would’ve really been a very different person altogether had I had attended any of the various other schools. Post schooling, over time, I have come across several of my batch mates and I’ve always felt really different about them; the school really provided us with a very nice culture and I am glad it taught me how to follow it in my life as well. Life at Akal Academy is no doubt very pleasant, exclusive and special; one will never be able to experience such an environment anywhere outside/after the school. There is an emotional bonding I share with the Akal Academy that no amount of words can express completely. The more I will say, the more will be left unsaid.

I wish to give my heartiest regards to some of the most inspirational people I came across at the school – Dr.Davinder Veerji, who taught us some of the greatest fundamentals of life that we couldn’t have learned elsewhere; Darshanpal Ma’am, our Punjabi Teacher and a really dynamic lady; Anureet Ma’am, who taught English to us rurals like no one else could.

At the present point of my life, I feel graced and happy – because my parents are happy. My goal is to keep doing better and better at my services for the nation; currently I am at the executive level and there is much more to attain. If Almighty would bless, I would be going for either IAS or IRS. And I am pretty sure Almighty will stay by my side all through, just the way he always has been. I am grateful to the academy for the spiritual element that they have infused in my heart – it has really helped me during each tough phase in my life; whenever I felt low or needed energy, I had simply recalled my Waheguru and talked to him, and he has always listened to me!

I would like to appeal to the rural parents that if they can manage, they should really choose to send their kids to the Akal Academies, because the environment and overall nurturing that they provide is unparallel and exists nowhere else. For aspiring kids – always believe in yourself and always go for whatever you dream of, because nothing is impossible to achieve if you have the right intent and take the right approach. No examinations, no top-notch posts are out of your reach, it all is attainable! Gur-Fateh.

Akashdeep Singh Ahluwalia
Assisting Commander – Indian Coast Guard
(Under Ministry Of Defence)